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Featuring =Zenith= latest release at Collabor 88 in a few hours later! Here we have the Summer Long Sleeve Corset Dress. Upper+sleeves and lower part can be colored separately. I am wearing the plain texture option, but there are also patterns that fit the summer scene perfectly! This set comes with a small purse to match with the dress.

Trust me, I am picking up the pace friends! Hoping to dig my inventory for some oldie mix and match. Stay tuned! ❤



Se7en +749

I spent tons of hours to sort my inventory these days woolala… and I’m pretty much dead, period. I always tell my friends, I rather throw everything and start it over again, then to sort things out. Damn! Ok. So part of the result is, I am gathering all my unused gacha and decide to giving it all out. Check out my temporary store HERE. Everything must go, or I will just delete them in 2 weeks. I hope these could help some new comers out there!

This is me after sorting just 5% of my messy overflowing inventory.

Hair: tram I1209b
Clips: bomi . Fresh Star Hair Clips + bomi . Heart Hair Clips . Apricot – no longer available
Eyes: {S0NG} Olfa
Glasses: .random.Matter. – Zoja Glasses ꒰🔥꒱KUSTOM 9 Jun
Ears: :: MOMOCHUU :: Celina Ears
Earrings: kotte sweetie earrings – cake
Candy: kotteface pack – gummy – teddy
Tattoo: StardustEliza 🆕꒱ Uber Jun
Top: Blueberry – SL17B – Lace Trim Tops ꒰⭐FREE꒱SL17B

Plushie: +Half-Deer+ Unicorn Plushie

Decor –

hive // covered couch
hive // pile of boxes
.random.Matter. – The Collector – Comic Boxes
Wednesday[+] ~ 90’s Life ~ Tapes – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ 90’s Life ~ Lipstick set – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Pink Devil ~ Hair Styling – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Girls And Roses ~ Multi Socket – COMMON
Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Storage Boxes
+Half-Deer+ Makeup Clutter – Assorted Makeup
+Half-Deer+ Makeup Clutter – Hair Brush
+Half-Deer+ Neck Tie Clutter – Tex. Change – Off Edge
+Half-Deer+ Socks Clutter – Tex. Change – Off Edge Single
+Half-Deer+ Blanket Clutter – All Colors – Edge Small
+Half-Deer+ Rainbow Neon Fan – Unicorn
hazy . dreamer baby . pillow

Okiee, gonna take some rest and have round 2 tomorrow (duh!)



Se7en +748

I am so obsessed with flying hair woohoo! I know when tram released this collection, everyone be like OMG and rush to get one. Short hair is always my thing. tram J0513 has a and b versions. Style b, which I am wearing, gives more motion, but style a also looks great even in the static mode. HUD is included for both style, which you could customize the bang/little hairs. This is the first time I used the tint option come along with the fatpack. I am not used to the tint function (for all brands), because usually those essential colors can fulfill me. However, I felt boring today if I stay with the blondie/brownie. All I did was picking the purple color, and tint it by sliding it to darker. And look! It turns out so nice! This was Uber release in May. You may now get it at tram store.

Also, I am featuring toksikIndulgent. Most of the female apparel store has released at least one robe collection. *smirk* And here comes toksik’s one. The texture looks silky and smooth, no matter which color you pic. I am trying to be mature here, but I tried the pastel combination too. One word, LOVELY! Anyway, HUD comes along for customization. The robe originally comes with bra and pantie. You may hide them and wear your own lingerie like me. You can find the robe at Collabor 88 before the 7th. Otherwise, see you at toksik store!

Hair: tram J0513b
Eyes: {S0NG} Olfa
Ears: .random.Matter. – Iseul Ears
Teabag: ::CHERRYISH:: Noah Gacha = Tea bag
Lingerie: :Moon Amore: Simplicity Lingerie / Bra
Robe: toksik – Indulgent Robe ꒰🔥꒱Collabor 88 Jun
Tattoo: StardustElora 

Decor –

MINIMAL – Town Hall Backdrop -flower balcony-
DISORDERLY. / Berry Spring / Tea with Lemon

❤ I wish you have a wonderful morning like me!



Se7en +747

Me finally got through something huge in RL /___\ *phewwwwww*
And I guess life is starting to back to normal in summer. OH YES ITS JULY!!
First thing to do of course is dress up and get away from indoor!

Featuring tramJ0524, available at Collabor 88 (one week left before it goes back to the store). This is a great hair style for summer. It tiles all your hair to one side to keep you cool, plus 4 “bang” styles to choose! But the front hair looks really great and it works fine even without hair base. It would be even better if we can choose which side to place the braid. Overall, it is one of my favourite tram’s collection!

Also featuring MIWAS / Kiki Net knitted top available at Equal 10 at the moment. It was a full collection with a bra top, pants and boots (not on this pic). The net knitted top is my best-loved thing in this set. It can be mixed and matched with other combination as you want. Customization hud allows you to hide/show the sleeves. I am wearing it with :: MOMOCHUU :: Sugar Top Stripe. I know it is not a perfect fit as the net will be overlap with the top, but for me it is just a small issue ^^”

Hair: tramJ0524 ꒰🔥꒱Collabor 88 Jun
Earrings: cheezu. smile earring ꒰⭐FREE꒱Access June
Sunglasses: `M.BIRDIE / Marcia look-sunglasses
Eyes: {S0NG} Mimi Eyes 🆕꒱ Uber Jun
Face decor: kotteface pack – gummy
Top: :: MOMOCHUU :: Sugar Top Stripe ꒰🔥꒱KUSTOM 9 Jun
Net: MIWAS / Kiki Net knitted top ꒰🔥꒱Equal 10 Jun
Pants: :: MOMOCHUU :: Mango shorts
Band aid: kotteband aid ꒰🔥꒱Access June
Tattoo: StardustJulia (top tattoo) and Juliana (low tattoo) 

I got a new skin for my carrot head! Boataom has a sale on selected items until July 3rd, and a bunch of skins have been updated to BOM. Ugh, but the one I bought is not the sale item. 😅

Featuring StealthicEmbers, newly release at store. Curly hair is not my thing usually, but this one work nice on my surprisingly! As usual, the curly texture are really detailed. Other than the custom hud for hair sides, there is an option unrigged bun as add-on too!

On me, there is also evani. Dafna top, newly released at KUSTOM 9. The top is really cute with two long strings in the front. You may customize the color for the main, the edge and the ribbon. The set comes with the see-through legging (not shown in the pic). Although that the legging is way too sexy to me, it looks kinda fashion and fancy! I will think about how to present it in another way next time. 😊

Hair: StealthicEmbers 🆕
Sunglasses: B.C.C Sea Emma’s safety officer – Apple sunglasses Mint – no longer available
Face decor: Tokki. x MIWAS / IDOL HeartPearl
Top: evani.Dafna top ꒰🔥꒱KUSTOM 9 Jun
Skirt: MIWAS / Rocket Skirt

Decor –

+Half-Deer+ Tasseled Hanging Chair
+Half-Deer+ Melted Ice Cream Pint
DISORDERLY. / Smooth Summer 🆕Summerfest 2020
DISORDERLY. / Summer Berries ꒰🔥꒱The Food Court June

We had a great time in our cottage this weekend! I wish there is never another wave of evil virus. AND SO I CAN ENJOY THE SUN AND THE BEACH!

Fine & the Carrot Head


Se7en +746

I just realized, we had our summer vacation on the same day last year lol Happy Anni-Vacation-sary (ノ `・∀・)ノ゙

This year we went to the out of nowhere(?), spend time doing nothing in the clear water, with the beautiful sky and trees. And we did get some vitamin E.

There are a few gacha sets available at The Arcade this round for a good summer scene set up!

🆕The Arcade June *can’t see the details? Check out their gacha keys below!*

ContrastFranklin Lake Hut
Contrast – Franklin Ship Wheel
Contrast – Franklin Rack
Contrast – Franklin Summer Chair White
Contrast – Franklin Summer Chair White Leather
Contrast – Franklin Pillows
Contrast – Franklin Coat Rack
RaindaleMoonleaf tapestry 1 CM
Raindale – Moonleaf banner 1 CM
Raindale – Moonleaf banner 2 CM
Raindale – Moonleaf sofa (brown) CM
22769The Beach House – Minimalist Sofa – COMMON
22769 – Pottet Banana Tree – COMMON
22769 – Wood Couchtable – COMMON
..::THOR::.. Beach Vibe – Beach Hut – RARE
..::THOR::.. Smoothie To Go (wear)
..::THOR::.. Smoothie Trail

Other decor that is outside from the event:

+Half-Deer+ Beach Towel Clutter
[ keke ] wild allium
Animated trees are by Hayabusa Design

On me ->
Hair: tram J0324
Earrings: kottesweetie earrings – franken lolly
Bikini: ::MOMOCHUU:: NaNa bikini bra
Jeans: ::MOMOCHUU:: Mango shorts

On Dan <-
Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Justin
Pants: Native Urban – Wezol Joggers

There’s a magic only you and I know when our souls kiss. ❤

seksek pleeeeeease~

-Fine & Dan


Se7en +745

Some are born to sweet delight,
Some are born to endless night.
– William Blake

toksik has released another themed-design a few weeks ago! woah the brand has been boom boom boom recently with a lot of quality designs. The Cherubic Dress comes with customized HUD for 4 parts (2 layers of collar, main and lace color)(only for fatpack). It is now available at Sola Festa until Jun 22. For this dress, I love the sleeves part the most! The creases are really detailed, as her usual designs. But the small down side of this kind of dress is, you can’t have too much animation when you are wearing it. It doesn’t mean its rig is bad, but the body and the game itself gives us limitations. Anyway, it is supposed to be dignified and solemn! *Stand straight and walk slow and elegantly*

Hair: Sintiklia – Bethy
Halo: .random.Matter. – Astral Sabbat Halo
Lips: [ODIO] Miso Skin Gacha – Lipstick5 🆕꒱@ Equal 10 May
Blind-fold: [Cubic Cherry] {Ehin}
Necklace: Kibitz – single cross necklace
Outfit: toksik – Cherubic Dress ꒰🔥꒱@ Sola Festa 2020
Ribbons: .random.Matter. – Astral Sabbat – Ribbons and

I hope you like it! Thank you! ❤



Se7en +744

Get some sunscreen on and yoohoo! It’s time for summer vacation? (I wish…T_T) Well, I’m glad the events around SL still keeping me in the summer vacation mood! Not as usual Arcade that have numerous of beach decor or bikinis in its summer round, this time I found the variety is a lot wider and theme is pretty wide spread. Still, I got to picked up some summer goodies there!

On left <-
Hair: StealthicVigil 🔥
Hat: *The Mystic* Ratten Floral Bow Hat (ALL) – RARE 🆕The Arcade June
Earrings: [monso] My Ribbon Earring
Necklace: Sweet Thing. Heartbreaker Necklace
Outfit: AMITOMO – Special to me
Bag: *The Mystic*Ratten Shoulder bag 🆕The Arcade June

On right ->
Hair: Doe: Lorre 🆕The Arcade June w/ tram Bangs for J0524 🆕Collabor 88 June
Ribbon: B.C.C Canna Head Ribbon -not available-
Earrings: kottesweetie earrings 2 🆕The Arcade June
Necklace: OSMIAPaola.Gacha.Necklace 🆕The Arcade June
Top: OSMIAPaola.Gacha.Bra 🆕The Arcade June
Skirt: MIWAS / Miyeon Ripped skirt

Decor –

22769Beach House – RARE 🆕The Arcade June
ContrastFranklin Coat Rack 🆕The Arcade June
MishMishBaby Octopus 🆕Collabor 88 June
+Half-Deer+ Beach Towel Clutter
*katat0nik* (citrus1) Summer Drink
DISORDERLY. / Tropic Love / Palm
Soy. Fake Golden Tree [palm tree]

We wish everybody has a good time!

-Fine & the Carrot Head


Se7en +743

I know Easter past long time ago but I still wanna be a bunny jumping around and eat cupcakes.

Actually, I had a happy shopping time last week when cheezu had a gacha sales! I bought a bunch of goodies home including the dreamlike set (although I did not get the rare ;-; )

Oh btw, the Arcade has opened a week ago. I’m sure most of you have been there already? I have covered some decor on my last post that I got from the Arcade, and here comes more!

On left <-

Face decor: Tokki. x MIWAS / IDOL HeartPearl
Earrings: kotte – sweetie earrings 🆕The Arcade June
Hair: VCO HAIR – Mido / 002 🆕The Arcade June
Hat: cheezu. dreamlike
Collar: {le fil casse} Deanna Collar 🆕The Arcade June
Top: {le fil casse} Mindy Top
Skirt: SallieLanguage Crystal Heart S Skirt
Gloves: MIWAS / Mimi Gloves 🔥꒱@ Equal 10 May
Fishnet: MIWA / Highwaist Fishnet Tights
Socks: {le fil casse} Jae Collection High Sock
Tails: Blueberry – Catch Me – Bunny Set

On right ->

Face decor: Tokki. x MIWAS / IDOL HeartPearl
Hair: tram I1223 hair
Hat & Outfit: cheezu. dreamlike
Gloves: MIWAS / Mimi Gloves 🔥꒱@ Equal 10 May
Leg strap: MIWAS / Lisa leg strap + {HIME*DREAM} Celeste Bow
Socks: REIGN.– Ride or Die Socks
Tails: Blueberry – Catch Me – Bunny Set

Decor –

{anc} escape / ruin RARE 🆕The Arcade June
{anc} escape / chair 🆕The Arcade June
{anc} escape / table 🆕The Arcade June
{anc} escape / parasol 🆕The Arcade June

+Half-Deer+ Secret Garden Bunny
+Half-Deer+ Sakura Tea Party
+Half-Deer+ Faerye Rose Garland

ANTINATURAL[+] Mad Malice / Late Again
ANTINATURAL[+] Mad Malice / Key to Nowhere

Want to join our tea party? teehee

-Fine & the Carrot Head


Se7en +742

When I was small, I always dream to be a successful woman and have my own career. So I could wear pretty dress and heels walking around and look professional. Well, I believe I am still on the path of becoming what I wish to be. At least in here, I have my own beloved “career” and I do have loads of pretty dress and heels lol?

Featuring BlueberryIn Control set as my top. This collection comes with blazer, pants and skirts as well (which are not shown on the pic, check out the AD!). The tops can be customized as normal top or tucked in top, see through lace or solid texture. Blueberry has also released a body suit version for the top as well. Check them all at the store!

Hair: Foxy – Lucid ꒰🔥꒱KUSTOM 9 May
Blazer: ISON – evening shoulder jacket
Dress: Lowen – Angelica Long Skirt ꒰🔥꒱KUSTOM 9 May
Heels: [BREATHE]Miyari Heels ꒰🔥꒱Fetish Fair May

Eyeliners: Tokki. IDOL longeyeliner
Neck fix: MIWAS / Neck mesh layer

Quick beauty tips here!

I rarely put on make up. Firstly because I am lazy. But if I find the one that fit perfectly, I will never take it off until I accidentally reset everything… or my head got an update lol Anywayzz, I have been using Tokki’s eyeliners for a long time. She had custom made for friends (me) so you never got the one that I was using *smirk*. The latest one she released is not fancy at all. Simply just a line. I know it has to be fit with your skin and eye shape and it is not easy. But this eyeliner seems pretty compatible (it looks nice on my carrot head too). The nice thing is that it includes short and long version (I am using the long version), it is tintable too!

Image from Gyazo

On top of that, I have never had time to fix my neck issue… I don’t think the skin I am using comes along with a body applier for Legacy ever..and never? The body skin I am using is still Legacy default *facepalm* I am not complaining but the neck connection is really NOT PRETTY! MIWAS releases a layer fixer recently and I found it useful!

Image from Gyazo

Decor –

MudHoney Classic Photo Room 5 (c) 🆕The Arcade June

+Half-Deer+ Angel Dress Form – Tex. Change (w/ skirt)  ꒰🔥꒱Collabor 88 June
+Half-Deer+ Angel Dress Form – Tex. Change ꒰🔥꒱Collabor 88 June
+Half-Deer+ Bunny Fauxidermy – White (Antlers w/ Flowers)
+Half-Deer+ Ornate Square Frame (High LOD) – Gold

Yea yea after all these “pretending” to be a successful lady, let me be honest with ya… I just wish to become a lazy piggy doing not thing but rolling in bed with my badass evil guy all day … .. …

so..hey… when are YOU gonna take me home to be your bb piggy ;-;

Anyway! Thanks for reading and hope you have a good start of the week!



Se7en +741

Soul music is timeless. – Alicia Keys

Have this scene in my mind for awhile until I really work this out. Can’t remember when was the last time I touch the piano. Busy life gives us no time to really take a deep breath, listen to our hearts and digest our deep thoughts.

Turns out this is how I spend my precious Sunday.

Thanks toksik for the blouse in one of the latest (ops it’s a month ago lol) releases – Pathos set. It was released at the Engine Room but the set is now available at the store. It comes with blouses that available for both male and female, and skirt (not shown in my pic, see AD). I am so in love with the idea of unisex option and that toksik’s outfits are not limited to modern/day-to-day fashion. You know, when you can do a lot more in this virtual world, you shouldn’t be sticking with tee+jeans 😉 Just let me be a noble today.

Top: toksik – Pathos Blouse
Skirt: ::: B@R ::: Fg Circus Cage Lady Skirt
Stocking: Violent Seduction – Hemera Stockings

Piano: Nutmeg. Distressed Grand Piano
Bird: {anc} forget. Swallow

Thanks for reading!



P.S. I broke my graphic card today @_@; I hope this old spare one could last as longer as I wish. I’m glad I have most of the set up done yesterday *phew*. ..