Se7en +735

mhmm. I think, I can already smell the spring.


Hair: StealthicDevotion + Bang (Airy C)
Beret: CHU-ING. MEOW MEOW. Beret 7
Top: `M.BIRDIE / Donna look
Pants: evani. Katja mom jeans ꒰🔥꒱Collabor 88 Feb


MishMishBunny Plushie

:HAIKEI: Innocent Dreamer / GACHA / 2 & 3 ꒰🔥꒱KUSTOM 9 Feb

Ariskea[Fic] Daisy Vase 🆕꒱ N21 Feb




Se7en +734


I know you hate to look for stuff in your giant inventory. I know you don’t like to get changed. I know I take so long to get the pic done. But, you still give me your patience and keep me company. That’s everything I need. Whenever you are here, it makes a difference. ❤

This time I am featuring toksikPropitious Qipao Dress, which was released at January round of KUSTOM 9 and right before the Lunar New Year. The sexy design on both sides ARE SICK! And no worries! Panties are included! Of course you could make it go away too lol. 12 colors options and you can change the colors for the strings, buttons and pantie. You don’t have to wear it only in the new year. It suits perfectly for any Chinese RP! You may soon find the qipao back in toksik mainstore.


Also on me is tram J0116a hair which is just out at Collabor 88. Style a and b are available. They are just slightly different for the hair on two sides if you look into the details on the AD. Different bangs options here makes this hair even more worthy!


On Dan, there are Raphael shirt from ColdAsh and Henry Pants from Mossu.

Decor –

Soy. Oriental Antique Daybed ꒰🆕꒱ Collabor 88 Feb
Soy. Oriental Plants [potted fruticosa] ꒰🆕꒱ Collabor 88 Feb
[-BLUE SKY-] Gold Disco Pillow
{anc} CAMELLIA. lantern


Recently I am really getting zero motivation to take pictures by myself. No inspiration, no good reference found, not in mood, no suitable outfit/decor, just empty useless brain. I don’t want to make my blogpost too commercial. I want stories and scenes. I rather get behind from the deadline, than to put up something I don’t like. So please forgive me by not updating as much as before. THO, I am still here and not planning to go away!

-Fine & Dan



Se7en +733

Weekend is to get drunk *cheers*


Hair: tram J0109 hair ꒰🔥꒱ Uber Jan
Choker: .: Runic :. Kira Collar ꒰🔥꒱Kinky Jan
Top: AMITOMO – merry & bright GACHA
Pants: Blueberry Unbothered – Pants ꒰🆕꒱
Fishnet: MIWAS / High waist Fishnet tights
Belly piercing: :: MOMOCHUU :: Rowena piercing
Purse: miwa’s airship -Red flavor Bag


If you have ever followed my posts, you will know how much I hate to make night scene as I mentioned every time that I could not do well. Actually, until now I still have no idea what is the technique. But this is my first attempt to do it “this way”and I kinda like it. I hope it looks good in your eyes too!

I hope everyone had a great weekend recharge and start the week again with full power ❤



Se7en +732

Happy Chinese New Year! I wish everybody a healthy and blessed year of rats! It has been ages that I haven’t been making pictures with Miffy… But finally I gotta force her to make this with me as to celebrate CNY together!


We are featuring the latest group gift from =Zenith=. This CNY outfit is rigged for both Maitreya and Legacy body (yay!). And some of you may already found that our main store has moved. But this is our official announcement that our new store is now opened! To celebrate this double happiness, we are also hosting a 50% off sale of gift card. The sale will be lasting until February 1.


On me ->

Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Bethy
Ears: :uzu: All for you – mouse ears @Okinawa New Year Round
Head accessories: kottebig flower kanzashi & little flower kanzashi
Face tattoo: kottered makeup
Lantern: kotteyuan xiao – lotus lantern
Fan: =Zenith=Yaodao ji fan

On Miffy <-

Hair: Stealthic – Purity
Ears: :uzu: All for you – mouse ears @Okinawa New Year Round
Head accessories: kottebig flower kanzashi & little flower kanzashi
Earrings: MIWAS / Sakura samurai Earring
Umbrella: =Zenith=Shen le umbrella
Fan: =Zenith=Yaodao ji fan

-Fine & Miffy



Se7en +731

After the stormy snowy week in the west coast, we finally get some sunny clear sky today! We went to my secret hideout for a hideaway weekend 🤗

And I didn’t forget to bring my latest collections I got from the Epiphany and Collabor 88 of coz!


On her <-

Hair: DOUX – Jenna
Ears: .random.Matter. Thailin Ears ꒰🆕꒱Collabor 88 Jan
Earrings: . offbeat . mix up earring Gold / White
Top: MIWAS / Wheein Top ꒰🆕꒱Equal 10 Jan
Jeans: Blueberry – Elias
Jacket: AMITOMO – Be Your Love GACHA
Boots: REIGN.– REBEKAH BOOTIES ꒰🆕꒱Collabor 88 Jan

On him ->

Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Justin
Jeans: REPRESENT – Utility Jeans
Shoes: [VALE KOER] Future Mag


Decor –

Trompe Loeil – Zenovia Caravan ꒰🆕꒱Collabor 88 Jan

KraftWork Farmhouse Romance . Wheel of Flowers Love Rose ꒰🆕꒱The Epiphany Jan
KraftWork Farmhouse Romance . Bag of Hearts Red ꒰🆕꒱The Epiphany Jan
K&S – // Pillows light ꒰🆕꒱The Epiphany Jan
K&S – // Domino ꒰🆕꒱The Epiphany Jan
K&S – // Bedside table ꒰🆕꒱The Epiphany Jan
3.Yokai – Funny Mousy – Enamored Mouse (coffee) ꒰🆕꒱The Epiphany Jan
4.Yokai – Funny Mousy – Bunny Mouse (silver) ꒰🆕꒱The Epiphany Jan
{vespertine} comfort food – fried selection 5 ꒰🆕꒱The Epiphany Jan
{vespertine} comfort food – crepes 8 ꒰🆕꒱The Epiphany Jan
{vespertine} comfort food – hamburger 1 ꒰🆕꒱The Epiphany Jan
{vespertine} comfort food – strawberry milkshake 9 ꒰🆕꒱The Epiphany Jan

dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . fry stand

+Half-Deer+ Scarf Clutter
+Half-Deer+ Hanging Stringlight Branch – Medium

DISORDERLY. / Summer Sixty / Lighted Curtain

{vespertine}– peace lily plant /texture change pot.

*Netflix and chill*
*hugging the picture to sleep*



Se7en +730

Staying indoor seems to be the best choice in this snowy windy wet-ty season. Having the heat on with the lazy kitties is all we need! After the holiday season, it could be a bit slow, cuz all the spirit and energy has been used up right? Even in-world, I feel like there is less exciting things happen around. BUT! The Epiphany is opening tonight, and I hope you could find some fun there! Details and shopping guide here!


On left <-

Hair: tram I1209b hair ꒰🔥꒱ Uber Dec
Clips: bomi . Heart Hair Clips & Star Hair Clips
Choker: `M.BIRDIE / I Luv Julie! .A choker
Top: Mossu – Cora.Sweater ꒰🆕꒱Collabor 88 Jan
Jacket: `M.BIRDIE / Leah look0Jacket on shoulder
Leggings: Blueberry – Dynamite – Leggings – Cotton ꒰🆕꒱
Shoes: [BREATHE]-Mikio-Heels

On right ->

Hair: tram F928 hair
Headband: ~MR~Fur Bear~Glam White ꒰🆕꒱The Epiphany Jan
Top: `M.BIRDIE / Roah look. Top
Pants: `M.BIRDIE / U-ni look. Pants
Scarf: ::C’est la vie !:: Lien Scarf Gacha
Shoes: MIWAS / Star princess Boots


Decor –

NOMAD // The Moon and His Friends ꒰🆕꒱Collabor 88 Jan
MishMish – White Kitten Yarn Bowl ꒰🆕꒱Collabor 88 Jan

C){-Maru Kado-} Oil Stove_fat RARE
08_{-Maru Kado-} Cat2_sit
11_{-Maru Kado-} Cat2_sit

[Kres] Stargazer Cabin – Side Table ꒰🆕꒱The Epiphany Jan
[Kres] Stargazer Cabin – Coasters ꒰🆕꒱The Epiphany Jan
[Kres] Stargazer Cabin – Cookery Books ꒰🆕꒱The Epiphany Jan

FOXCITY. Photo Booth – The Book Nook (Rez)
{vespertine} – jade plant 7
{vespertine} – sketchbooks & magz 2
{vespertine} – supplies 1
{vespertine} – artsy moodboard 10
{vespertine} – magazines folder 7
.random.Matter. – Art Studio – Dabbing Mannequin

-Fine & the Carrot head


Se7en +729

How many of you still have the holiday decor in your house these days? I do..I do.. I even still have the holiday mood in my body. WHY IS IT ALWAYS SO SHORT?


Hair: [monso] My Hair – Mili
Eyepatch: :: MOMOCHUU :: Lovable – Sleeping mask
Dress: kottesparkle – dress RARE <- Blogger Search until Jan 25!!
Fur: :: MOMOCHUU :: Stay Pompom Fur shoulder
Socks: `M.BIRDIE / SonnyChuny-socks

Hair: StealthicCascade
Top: {le fil casse} Adrienne Fur Cardigan Maitreya
Pants: -Pixicat- Sporty.Shorts
Socsk: Sweet Things. OMG Fuzzy Socks


Decor –

{moss&mink} Bed curtains
{BunBun} Sugar Sweet – Twin Bed RARE
+Half-Deer+ Catgirl Scratching Post
+Half-Deer+ Resin Christmas Tree
+Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland
+Half-Deer+ Pom Pom Floor Pillow
07_{-Maru Kado-} Cat2_stand
08_{-Maru Kado-} Cat2_sit
09_{-Maru Kado-} Cat2_hiss
Trompe Loeil – Winter Tent
dust bunny . lighted jar . type a
{anc} tree for two / teddybear 3Li

I hope after the sleep I could get enough energy to tear down the decor lol



Se7en +728

Happy Udon-date!
Where to get the best udon in the grid? Of course at taikou!

I happen to have this scene set up for a long time (I think since this set was released o.o), and I finally find a good way to use it HA!

If you are looking for japanese-themed scene decor etc, taikou is a nice place! And I just realized they moved to a new sim and offering group gifts at the moment! For more details check this out!


During the crazy holiday season, many goodies have been released here and there. I don’t even know from where to start to sort out my collection. Anyway.. here are two from my favourite brands!

MIWAS released Tata at Santa Inc (which has ended for a long while). Fatpack offered millions of combination for you to play with. Featuring her cuteness overloaded signature. This set also comes with headset and ice-cream collab with INORI (but not featuring in my pic). You may find all these at MIWAS mainstore.

toksik released Docile at KUSTOM 9 last round in December. You may still have access to it for a couple more days but it will soon be available at toksik mainstore. This fatpack comes with both pastel and dark colors. Especially in love with the skirt and shirt patterns ❤

On me <-

Hair: [monso] My Hair – Gabriella ꒰🆕꒱Collabor 88 Jan
Headband: Astralia x Hello Kitty – 45th anniversary ribbon headband
.random.Matter.Thailin Ears ꒰🆕꒱Collabor 88 Jan
Outfit: toksikDocile Outfit ꒰🔥꒱KUSTOM 9 Nov
Nails: toksik – Lux Nails
Bag: Sweet Thing. Cutie Carton

Bubble tea: .random.Matter. – Snack Haul – Boba Tea [Mango]
Cell-phone: {CD&S} – White Cat Phone

On carrot head ->

Hair: bonbon – kumi hair
Outfit: MIWAS / Tata Jacket & Skirt
Bag: Sweet Thing. Cutie Carton


Ok we should start eating after selfieee


-Fine & the Carrot Head


Se7en +727

We met at gacha resale platform, turned into photo-taking buddy and became sisya who throw poo at each other. Not sure how many mesh heads and shapes we have changed or modified since 2015 winter, but you are still my very unique, special and precious Angelica-sisya-potato-poo. Happy belated 4th frienniversary.


I am so happy we could cosplay Elsa & Anna in Frozen. Remaking all Disney Princess in-world is always my goal!

Me as Elsa ->

Hair: rezology Frostbite
Outfit: *The Mystic* WoodFairy Long Dress
Sleeves: :Moon Amore: Crystallize / Frozen Sleeves

Angelica as Anna <- see her blog!


Oh-Laugh: SEmotion Libellune Cute Snowman
Snowflakes: .: Runic :. Crystal Snowflakes



Se7en +726

Winter is a good time to stay in-door with friends and enjoy hot drinks. .random matter.Cafe Hours, released at the Epiphany winter-pop-up is definitely a great gacha set to decor your home cafe.


On carrot head <-

Hair: pr!tty – Sunny
Stealthic – Bangs (Airy C)
anxiety %NMO_MONDAY [glasses]
=Zenith=Ready For Holiday ꒰🔥꒱Collabor 88 Dec
Caboodle – Mykie Leggings

On me ->

Hair: tram I1110 hair
Necklace: Kibitz – Frozen necklace – silver
Jacket: *COCO*_BikerJacketOverShoulders
Top: BlueberryPower Play – Tucked in Tops
Pants: The Secret Store – Lois Fitted Pants ꒰🔥꒱Collabor 88 Dec


Decor –

Trompe Loeil – Chloe Modern Farmhouse No Kitchen ꒰🔥꒱Collabor 88 Dec
[Toiz] jazz cafe bar
[Toiz] jazz cafe chair
+Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland ꒰🔥꒱Collabor 88 Dec
.random.Matter. – Cafe Hours – Hutch – RARE ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
.random.Matter. – Cafe Hours – Chalkboard – RARE ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
.random.Matter. – Cafe Hours – Coffee Bags ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
.random.Matter. – Cafe Hours – Cookies ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
.random.Matter. – Cafe Hours – Macaroons [Caramel] ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
.random.Matter. – Cafe Hours – Cakes [Cappuccino] ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
.random.Matter. – Cafe Hours – Tray ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
.random.Matter. – Cafe Hours – Fudge ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
.random.Matter. – Cafe Hours – Cakes [Espresso] ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
.random.Matter. – Cafe Hours – Coffee Cup ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
.random.Matter. – Cafe Hours – Macaroons [Chocolate] ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
.random.Matter. – Cafe Hours – Cups ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
.random.Matter. – Cafe Hours – Syrup ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
.random.Matter. – Cafe Hours – Moka Pot [Black] ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
.random.Matter. – Cafe Hours – Exclusive Coffee Spill ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
crate Cheery Christmas Collection 10 Star Stack ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
crate Cheery Christmas Collection 6 Ornament Jar ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
crate Cheery Christmas Collection 4 Globe ꒰🔥꒱The Epiphany Dec
MishMish – Hammies & Coffee / Espresso Machine
dust bunny . smores jar
dust bunny . mug tree . type a
dust bunny . marshmellow jar
dust bunny . lighted jar . type a
dust bunny . lighted jar . type b
dust bunny . candy cane mug
C L A Vv. Cat Cafe – Menu Chalk Board

Stay warm ❤

-Fine & the Carrot head