Se7en +709

I realized, he becomes my source of inspiration now..
I could feel so lost standing alone and was not motivated..
That’s why I wasn’t doing much these days..
Stop making excuses Fine….






Outfit: BluberryElias Corset and Jeans ꒰🆕꒱
Necklace: Kibitz – Mystical stars necklace ꒰🔥꒱Collabor 88 Sept

and I’m not gonna tell you what he is wearing because the full package is mine

꒰🔥꒱ The Arcade Sept

Backdrop: MudHoney Photo Room 7
Lamp: Contrast prime table lamp
Sidetable: Contrastprime side table
Pose: Ana PosesWinchester Couple RARE 2

꒰🔥꒱Collabor 88 Sept

Branches: +Half-Deer+ Thorny Vines II
Kitty: +Half-Deer+ Sleepy Cat – White
Rug: Kalopsia – Jourdan’s Hole Rug
Drinks: Schadenfreude Moon in a Teacup // Schadenfreude Star in a Teacup


(new wallpaper get ✔️)

teehee ❤





Se7en +708

Without doing much… summer is already on its way to leave me…

I haven’t even worn my bikinis but already feeling the smell of fall. So I guess I gotta catch my last chance to wear off-shoulder / see-through outfit!


Featuring BlueberryIconic – Off Shoulder Tops. It has so many options to play with on the HUD. The sleeves can be turned off, link or unlink with the main top. Also, there are different level of transparency. So you have choice to be sexy 😉 The only downside is, when you have transparent on, you cannot wear any texture layer hair on top of it. You either wear a shorter hair like me, or turn transparent off. This set also comes with short jeans and heels. Full package can be found at the store.

Other things on me –

Hat: `M.BIRDIE / MiMi look. Beret
Hair: DOUX – Panayiota Hairstyle ꒰🔥꒱Equal 10 Aug
Ears: .random.Matter. – Junee Human Ears ꒰🆕꒱ KUSTOM 9 Aug
Bags: =Zenith=Spring Time leather flower bag


Friendly reminder – The Arcade is at the corner! It will soon be open on September 1 midnight SLT. Let me give you a bit of taste for this Autumn round!

꒰🆕꒱ The Arcade Sept

Eyes: LOTUS. Pride Eyes 12
Lipstick: [ MUDSKIN ]_SOMI # LIPCOLOR 3 (Genus)
Jeans: N-Uno – Rita Jeans
Building: 22769 – On Top Of The World – RARE

Other decor –

Disorderly+Moon Amore/Daisy Dream/ Floating Daisies / WHITE
꒰☝️꒱CUREMORE Sim is ON SALE right now until August 31!
{anc} NO LIMITS // flock of flying doves. [sugar white]

I love to create simple LOTD but then I always feel empty with the background. Turns out I spend hours and hours to fill out the space lol Anyway I hope you enjoy reading and thanks for supporting!



Se7en +707

Stars in the space that made up the universe, are amazingly mystery and beautiful. I am especially in love this round Collabor 88. There are many lovely decors / outfits designs related to the theme – Stardust. As this is C88 anniversary round, you may find more guest designers this time. Think the crowd may pass so you could get in easily.


I (on left) am featuring [spectacledchic] Starlight Blouse which can be found at C88. The blouse has transparent sleeves plus cute pearls on. The main and sleeves’ color can be changed if you have the fatpack indeed! I am matching it with toksikSweetish Skirt newly release at KUSTOM 9 this round. The texture for toksik’s set is super detailed and I love it. The lace top is extremely cute (but not featuring here). This set also comes with headband that I am wearing *-* Oh no.. I just adore my “princess” look so much….

Speaking of transparent clothing, my carrot head (on right) is wearing CHU-ING. REINA LOOK. RARE dress. The inner shirt is also transparent! I guess this must be the trend when more than one store is making that? Anyway, CHU-ING’s dress is a gacha collection which can be found at Whimsical this round opened a couple days ago. Check Seraphim for the details. For this rare dress, you may change the color of inner transparent shirt and the outer dress. 8 colors for the dress while just white and black for the inner (transparent / not transparent options available). This may not be your cup of tea if you are not comfortable with “slim fit”. But I found this design kinda dark-sexy-cute regardless the rigging. Still worth to own a set ;p

On Left <-

Hair: RAMA.SALON – Maria Hair
Stars on body: MIWAS / Star on me

On Right ->

Hair: StealthicLithe
Headband: Sweet Thing. Luna Headband ꒰🆕꒱Collabor 88 Aug


These adorable magical pets we have, are MishMishMoonlight Fox. They are very curious to the stars and they do magic! Their friends are waiting for you to adopt at Collabor 88.

Also decor from C88 are DISORDERLY. / Sparkle Jars, +Half-Deer+ Patch of Galaxy and Starry Decoration. BTW, DISORDERLY is one of the shops participate in the CureMore sim sale happening between August 17 – 31. Selected items are up to 50% off and selected gacha machines are 50L only! Make sure you don’t miss it. Here is the rocket to the CureMore sim!

The skybox which can’t be shown fully here is actually FoxwoodStarlight apartment. The texture details are great with the animated universe background outside the apartment. A perfect skybox if you are living in the middle of the sky! This is also available at Collabor 88.

…La la la la la la la la la la la la la la 
Just levitate, just levitate
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la
Just levitate, just levitate….

– Fine and the Carrot Head


Se7en +706

I have a problem with drying hair. Just hate it so badly. But the following scene is the sweetest moment I adore 💖

Drying hair will be his job from now on.


I am featuring BlueberryNoelia Short and Noelita Knotted top released recently. Everybody obsessed with Blueberry’s transparent clothing and so am I. The result is really great by looking it in-world and in photo. Just like the Rie tank and underpant released last year, there is option for you to choose between level of transparency. For fatpack, of course, there will be tons of patterns and color choices. It fits on all mesh bodies that you can name. Let’s just head to the store and take a look!

Speaking of mesh body, I have just bought Legacy and have a try. Blogging-wise, it does look better in posing (look at my legs! they are not clipping! NO photoshop fixing here!). Except that small random lines here and there when you are standing on 3000m high (or higher) platform, this body is really beautiful. The downside is there are still not many skin shops release Legacy body applier. Well, at least MUDSKIN and Insol do not offer that yet. But I am so looking forward to the update and more supporting appliers!

On him you may find StealthicHysteria, and [ VERSOV ] WELLCOV JOGGERS.


Most of the bathroom equipment comes from dust bunny x consignment – lauren bathroom newly release at FaMESHed, and the MishMishCute Diffuser available at KUSTOM 9.

So. This is my favourite moment with my boi. What’s yours?

*flipping my pretty hair dried by maboi and wink*



Se7en +705

I finally get a chance to make a snap with Kidman (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧- one of my closed friend and best listener! Great thanks for letting me to mess up your platform.


I am featuring some cute things from Collabor 88. Hair style is tram I0710. I’m not usually wearing short hair like this. But this particular one fits on me well (I think?) The stars in front is optional. Color HUD is also provided to modify those star decor. Also from Collabor 88 is my top and drink. They are {Sakura} Lena Top and Tentacio – stardust milk.

You must also check out MIWAS latest release at Equal 10! I am wearing the Miyeon Ripped skirt. So far this is the best ripped jeans skirt I had. Very easy match and fit well on Maitreya, Hourglass, Freya and Legacy. Great love for this set!

On Fine <-

Hat: BTTB shiny bucket hat
Jacket: Pseudo – Trucker Jacket
Choker: [VO.Z] Full of Flowers Choker


Most of the background set up is 8f8The Sweetest Spot gacha collection available at Epiphany July round. I believe it will soon end on the 15th this month. Yea.. I gotta stuff my belly with loads of bread!

BTW, where are you staring at little sheep?

Thanks for reading! Let me share with you some breads I bought ❤



Se7en +704

// ..I wear something sweet, and it’s not slimming my body
It’s just the beat of something getting me higher
I got grapes and trees, now I’m up in my zone
‘Cause this is what I came for
Yeah I got what came for..//


I don’t know if you realize I love mix & match so much. I never (or really rare) wear full set outfit by same collection and by same designer. Probably some sponsors dislike the idea of not featuring the complete set? Well I think I can show the capability of mix & match of those outfit, which is EVEN MORE attractive. So, why not tell me what you think?

Fine on right has [spectacledchi] latest release at Okinawa Summer FestivalMaxi Cardigan. The cardigan is available both in plain colors and special summer-like pattern. I like this colorful triangle the most! It is not rigged for specific mesh body but with 2 sizes. I tried on Maitreya and female Slink Hourglass. It works perfectly fine. As shown on the Ad, it suits well on male body too. BUT PLEASE TRY DEMO before purchase! Trying demo is always customer’s responsibility 🙂

Sadly, this year’s Okinawa Summer Festival isn’t that excited. BUT I still wanna feature the pearl in the big sea that you may have overlooked. Apart from [spectacledchi], I am also featuring BADA x NOMI Watermelon Gacha set available at the festival. The watermelon snacks and drinks are great decor for your summer scenes set up. The sets include also a fridge and watermelon pool. Definitely a playful set!

Collabor 88 anniversary round has just opened! The theme this round is STARDUST! You can find a lot of great decor and clothing and I am sure you will get inspired with your new sparkling look. I will indeed feature more in my later post. For now, check out our hair style – Wasabi // Brianna (on right) and StealthicPorcelain (on left). Both can be found at Collabor 88 this round. Also from C88 is our headband, Sweet Thing. Luna Headband. It available in w/ or w/o effect version. HUD is included to change colors for the band and pearls. It looks simple but great in quality and cute to complete your stardust look.


Fine on right ->

Earrings: Kibitz – Heart ribbon earrings
Necklace: M.BIRDIE / Magical mood. Necklace
Top: BlueberryTaylor – Tied Top ꒰🆕꒱
Shorts and pantie: BlueberrySunny – Shorts&Bikini Bottom ꒰🔥꒱
Body stars: MIWAS / Star on me

Carrot head on left <-

Top: Sweet Thing. Rosie Button-Up
Bottom: *bbqq*Sailor Swimsuit ꒰🆕꒱Uber July
Coat: MIWAS / Vapor summer Swimsuit A Coat
Body stars: MIWAS / Star on me

//…Four drinks down free, wait for things to get blurry
We gon’ go real deep, but we’re not in a hurry
Let’s keep this real, ’cause we out here alone
This is what I came for…//


-Fine & Carrot Head


Se7en +703

Let’s not let the summer vibes stop!


We are featuring the latest release by =Zenith= coming up at Anthem on August 3 this round. Miffy made another cute summer dress for you all! The strap design on the side is just perfect to keep you stay cool under the heat and the lace on chest is just right to keep you stylish. Mhm. The floral patterns that we are wearing are only available in fatpack.

=Zenith= has released tons of rattan hat in last two years. I always got comments / pm’s asking where are those came from. The one on me (left), is =Zenith=Summer rattan flower hat; on the Carrot Head (right), is =Zenith=Rattan Spring Picnic Hat. You will never get bored with those hats. Share with me about your favourite hat from =Zenith=!


*yawn* gonna get some sunbath and a nap under the pretty sun!



Se7en +702

F you Monday…. Wish I could get away and stay in the beach for the whole summer! Sad news is it’s already the end of July. What have I done… ;-; Did I just waste have of my lovely season of sunshine?

Yeah yeah, as it is month-ended, it’s time to featuring goodies here and there. Most of them are not in current event (as the event has already ended or soon be ended).


Fine on left is wearing Tee*fy Romy Lacey Top and BlueberryStella – Flowy Skirt.

It is my honor to be Tee*fy‘s blogger since the recruitment recently! Her clothes are always one of my must-buy, just because they are simple enough which you can match different cardigan, jacket, sweater outside, or maybe skirt and pants as bottom. They are usually in two pieces and with loads of color/pattern choices. You may find this top at current round of KUSTOM 9. Over 20 colors/patterns available for this one. HUD comes along to change color for the edge and lace.

Blueberry‘s Stella Flowy Skirt has been released for quite awhile. It was presented in a very sexy way on the AD and I was like, omg.. I would not be able to carry that  — and the fact that I tried..and failed, with no surprise. But the skirt itself, without the fishnet socks, is cute and nicely rigged. It should not be any doubt at Blueberry’s rig but I just want to mention it anyway. Instead of the normal colors she always has, the summer-ish patterns are becoming my favourite, like this tiny daisy looks lovely! Check it out at Blueberry’s mainstore.

Hair: .Olive. the Eva Hair
Shoes: Native– Reflection Sneakers ꒰🆕꒱Uber July

Pose: Le Poppycock-Beach Daze

The Carrot head on right has her favourite hair brand Stealthic super old release Jealousy. Hmm.. not sure when will be his new release but okay, I am not getting bored with all his old hair yet. All his releases are available at the store just in case you missed them. And I am having Stealthic‘s bang on as well.

Top: Eliavah ~ Suki Top
Skirt: MIWAS / Control Denim skirt
Sandals: Sweet Thing. Bitsy Strap Sandal

Pose: . Infiniti . -Shy Girl ꒰🆕꒱Notice Me Senpai July


Those adorable Cutie Crabs stole my flip-flops as you can see… well, they are just too energetic and playful. If you wanna pick them home, I suggest you to check out MishMish‘s store! They come with orange, red and pink as colors. Not just using them as decor, you can bring them along to anywhere as animesh version is also available. Cuteness overload, you know. I just hope they won’t hurt your fingers when they are attached on you? haha!

Other decor –

~BAZAR~Cancun – Swing Pergola ꒰🆕꒱Uber July

DISORDERLY. / Ice Cold Summer / Spare Bottles
DISORDERLY. / Ice Cold Summer / Bottle Tub
DISORDERLY. / Popsicle Time / Blender Belle July

+Half-Deer+ Carefree Sandals Clutter
+Half-Deer+ Beach Towel Clutter

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great beach time too!



Se7en +701

GIRLS! It is your last chance to get into The Crystal Heart venue this year! It will soon be closing tomorrow before midnight SLT.

;-; I still have a lot want to cover but I really don’t have the time. Cuz there are just too too many pretty things. I’m sure lots of your wallets broke after visiting the event?


Angie and I am featuring {HIME*DREAM} Celeste Outfit that is available at The Crystal Heart. It comes in 7 colors, head bows are included. This set all together is very Asian-like. Makes me think of chun-lee. (But our presentation is nothing close to chun-lee, at all. lol) Anyway, it is a great magical outfit collection ❤

Also from  The Crystal Heart 2019

Hair: SintikliaUsagi Hair
Face stars: MIWAS / Star on me “Face”
Halo: MIWAS / Star princess Halo

Background hearts: StardustLove Song
Poses (left & right): StardustLove Song

Looking for Angie’s (left) credit? Check out her Flickr / Tumblr!


Also featuring latest release by StardustAlice tattoo, available at Uber. It is hand-drawn by my mamaya Jasmine! The flowers are really lovely and detail! (unfortunately, due to the pose and angle, it wasn’t fully shown, so make sure you check the AD!) It comes with 8 colors and I think all look GREAT!

Other things I used –

Background birds: .: Runic :. Crystal Bird
Staff: DISORDERLY. / Powered Up / Staff / Star
Ears: .random.Matter. – Song Elfie Ears
Shoes: [BREATHE]-Raven Heels

Thanks for being magical with me my pat-pat-angie-potato ❤




Se7en +700

Here comes my working (and gaming) station, which is full of my favourite things and of course messy ❤

Featuring my new bad girl look with Tee*fy Mira Top available at FaMESEed in July. The event will be ending soon so be there or be square 😉 The bra and the top can be worn separately and with tons of colors/patterns for your choice (i know sometimes this could be a bad thing). Anyway! It also comes with Myla shorts (as shown in the AD), and together it is a comfy pj/homie set. Tho, you can always play with mix and match like what I love to.


Hair: Beusy: Vexing Hairstyle
Headband: +Half-Deer+ Candy Galaxy II – Cosmic Bunny Headband ꒰🔥꒱ The Epiphany July
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Ikumi~ ꒰🔥꒱ The Epiphany July
Glasses: anxiety %NMO_MONDAY
Lollipop: CATWAI’m actually sad as the bento animation is not working on Genus head ;-;
Mask: `M.BIRDIE / U-ni look. Mask
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Kawaii Ears
Earrings: ^^Swallow^^ Kawaii Earrings ꒰🔥꒱ KUSTOM 9 July
Choker: Wednesday[+] ~ Raven ~ Black Choker
Jacket: .:villena:. – Windbreaker Jacker
Skirt: BlueberryAlma – Ruffled Skirt
Tattoo: *Bolson / Agape Anthem July


If you want a room like that, here is the decor I used –

+Half-Deer+ Amelia Desk  The Crystal Heart 2019
+Half-Deer+ Kawaii Gaming Chair The Crystal Heart 2019
+Half-Deer+ Dreamthreader Monitor
+Half-Deer+ Dreamthreader PC – Bunny
+Half-Deer+ Dreamthreader Keyboard
+Half-Deer+ Candy Clutter
+Half-Deer+ Faerye Rose Garland
.random.Matter. – Nerd Haven – Headset
.random.Matter. – The Office – Lamp
.random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Manga Stack
Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days – Chips Bag
Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days – Camera
Wednesday[+] ~ Girls And Roses ~ Multi Socket
.Gypsy Heart. Sailor Wall Lamps Gacha – Neptune The Crystal Heart 2019
.Gypsy Heart. Sailor Wall Lamps Gacha – Uranus The Crystal Heart 2019
.Gypsy Heart. Sailor Wall Lamps Gacha – Star The Crystal Heart 2019
.Gypsy Heart. Sailor Wall Lamps Gacha – Saturn The Crystal Heart 2019

Thanks for visiting my working (and gaming) station! Have fun everyone 😚


btw… HD on Flickr!