Se7en +781

Getting bored with my own head so I finally unpack my Genus strong head (gift). I didn’t change much for the shape but enlarge my eyes a bit more to see how will it looks. Well, to be one of the non-human, I think this look is kinda suitable.

Hair: DOUX – Water
Headpiece: =Zenith=Gothic Headpice
Brows: Izzie‘s Genus – Heart Brows °˖✧◝🎁◜✧˖°
Eyes: FT : Kat Eyes °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Epiphany Oct
Eye makeup 1: rotten . loonette’s return . eyeshadow . zesty °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Epiphany Oct
Eye makeup 2: rotten . loonette’s return . star °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Epiphany Oct
Eye decor: :: MOMOCHUU :: PonyPo – Starlight tears °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Epiphany Oct
Blush: rotten . loonette’s return . blush . cheeks . confetti °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Epiphany Oct
Collar: {le fil casse} Isidora Neck Piece Legacy °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Epiphany Oct
Dress: MIWAS / Kelly Dress °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Equal 10 Oct
Fur: MIWAS / Star princess Scarf
Nails: toksikDolly Nails °˖✧◝🎁◜✧˖°

Pose: StardustEnchant – 05 °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@Salem Sept


+Half-Deer+ Peaceful Forest Spirit °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@Collabor 88 Oct

REIGN.- THE ORACLE -CRYSTAL BALL : # 6 °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Epiphany Oct
REIGN.- THE ORACLE – SHORT CANDLE : # 8 °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Epiphany Oct
REIGN.- THE ORACLE – MOON CRYSTAL BOWL : # 10 °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Epiphany Oct
REIGN.- THE ORACLE – 6 CARD SPREAD : # 16 °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Epiphany Oct

CURELESS[+] Lepidoptera Mesh Butterflies / TINTABLE

Epiphany is open for its Halloween/October round! It will stay for a month from Oct 15 to Nov 15. Check out their website for gacha keys!

Wish everybody has a wonderful start of the week!



Se7en +780

I love watching crime film / crime drama (and seems it is what HK production are good at). We have been watching a lot together. But he is not too sure why I am still so stupid in guessing the plot when the storyline has been repeating over and over again in different films / dramas. I JUST BEING SO INVOLVED WHEN I AM WATCHING OKAY?

Introducing /Ascend/ Kash Aviator Jacket released at TMD earlier this month. It comes in 12 single color and fatpack options. The inner can be shirt or t-shirt with multiple colors available and can be hidden or shown. You may wear it with or without tie (I love tie, but he doesn’t, bleh..) and with or without patches. It is a cool jacket with a lot of customization! A quick tips from me – I realize most of Ascend’s outfit has a very wide shoulder. Dan has to adjust a bit of his shoulder number to make it look better. But this could be just us, cuz I don’t like him being too big/strong 😅

Hair: Exile – Knox Split
Jacket: /Ascend/ Kash Aviator Jacket °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@TMD Oct

Hair: tram J1007 °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@KUSTOM 9 Oct
Hairbase: REVOUL – Baby Twigiana
Choker and Necklace: Kibitz – Maranda °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@Equal 10 Oct
Jacket: TETRAMoto leather Jacket
Top: RicielliTuwa Top °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@The Arcade Oct
Pants: BlueberryUnbothered – Pants

He said this is the first time we are not doing intimate posing – and I was like, really? And yes, really. Cuz I have super glue on and just wanna stick with him all day all night here and there. 😚 This time I let him being cool alone (but close beside me).

Hope you enjoy this post as much as your weekend!

-Dan & Fa


Se7en +779

It is the time of the year when I need to do millions of Halloween-themed scenes and still haven’t been able to feature all the goodies I got 😨 And I still haven’t been to all events yet! (Just because I have been slacking, and gaming a lot….)

Anyway! Let’s get back to the business! I’m featuring toksikForage Dress, which is an outfit I want to wear it long time ago but never get the mood right. But here it is! I definitely in love with the crease and the simplicity, although there are not much fancy color/pattern changing for parts. Long dress is always less attractive in my opinion (not too sure maybe just me), because you can’t really have huge movement as the mesh will be so broken even when you want to sit. So be sure to try demo to see if this is what you want, otherwise, just stand still and be pretty ✨ This dress is actually from the Forage gacha collection. If you are interested, head to toksik mainstore!

Hair: Sintiklia – Milan
Headpiece: Bauhaus Movement – Susanne Headpiece
Ears: .random.Matter. – Astral Sabbat Ears RARE
Gloves: Insomnia Angel . NurseMildred – gloves  °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@The Arcade Oct
Necklace: :ANDORE: – :necklace: – Your Cross
Wand: MugWicked Witchy – #10 Magic Wand Purple °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@The Arcade Oct
Dress: toksikForage Dress
Fur stole: Caboodle – Warm Fur Stole
Pet: MishMish – Moonlight Fox

Not sure but I guess you may have already checked out The Arcade Halloween pop up round! It is the first kick off for the Halloween period officially and I have featured some in my previous post. I hope you all have luckily picked up what you want from there! 💖

Decor –

Foxwood – Forgotten Castle

.random.Matter.Antique Shop II – Oil Lamp °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@The Arcade Oct
.random.Matter. – Antique Shop II – Sewing Kit
.random.Matter. – Antique Shop II – Camera
.random.Matter. – Antique Shop II – Bookstack
.random.Matter. – Antique Shop II – Telephone
.random.Matter. – Antique Shop II – Broken Mirror
.random.Matter. – Antique Shop II – Specimen
.random.Matter. – Antique Shop II – Radio Cabinet – RARE

DISORDERLY. / Gothic Tales / Frame °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@Collabor 88 Oct

+Half-Deer+ Pumpkin Candlestick
+Half-Deer+ Ceiling Drapes
+Half-Deer+ Spiderweb Shelf

I wish everyone have a magical month!



Se7en +778

It is such an honor to receive this special package drop from the sky when I login….


I saw people have been posting the picture all over Flickr and Facebook. I was not planning to click the link and check things out (yet). Until my mamaya Jasmine told me I was IN! UNDER 2 CATEGORIES! And I was like.. “no… that was a few years ago….I’m not in this year…” and she was like “FINE YOU ARE IN! THIS YEAR! CLICK AND LOOK!”…

I’m really surprised because I don’t believe I am famous enough to be nominated. And at the same time I AM AT A EXTREME HYPER MODE because I have been nominated under two of my favourite categories –

Best Kawaii
Best Collaboration (2+ avatars)

Thank you everybody who have been supporting me in all these years and especially for those nominated me (omg I want to cry ;-;). Also huge thanks to all of my creator friends and sponsors spoiled me with numerous goodies so I could create kawaii scenes and stories; special exclusive thanks to everybody who has collab with me – my Carrot Head ALT, my one-and-only Dan, my sisya Angelica, my mamaya Jasmine and papaya Kasur, my talented friends Bunny and Miwa, and my very closed buddy Kidman.

It is really worth to check out other nominated bloggers under other different categories too. I happen to get to know some that I have never followed.

Here is the link to vote:

Let’s support your favourite bloggers here!

As I can’t express my thanks and happiness in words, I decided to make another kawaii collaboration post XD

Left <-

Hair: tram J0916 °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@Uber Sep
Headband: kottestrawberry headband

Right ->

Hair: Stealthic Cordova °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°
Headband: kottepeach headband
Top: evani. Rosie top
Pants: {le fil casse} Feria Shorts
Socks: Sweet Thing. OMG Fuzzy Socks

Plushie: +Half-Deer+ Unicorn Plushie

I hope everyone have a great weekend (and happy Thanksgiving LONG WEEKEND for Canadian <3)

Thank you as always!

-Fine and the Carrot Head


Se7en +777

//.. I can see the stars all the way from here
Can’t you see the glow on the window pane
I can feel the sun whenever you’re near
Every time you touch me I just melt away..//

On him <-

Hair: Stealthic – Reach
Jacket: Mossu – Calvin Jacket °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°50% off @ Halloween Shop and Hop

On her ->

Hair: tram J0416
Sweater: TETRADina – turtleneck knit sweater

//.. Baby I can hear the wind whip past my face
As we dance the night away
And boy your look it tastes like a night of champagne
As I kiss you again and again and again and again..//

Love On Top – Beyonce (Covered by Pitch Perfect)

777 is my favourite number. It must be a post with my favourite person 🥰

-Dan & Fa


Se7en +776

It seems like I can’t get away from being a witch lol?

I’m excited to show you the sneak peek of *The Mystic* Ophelia’s Incantation that will be released at The Arcade Halloween pop-up round on October 7! This set although is similar to Locasta’s Spell, this one includes pastel series too! The full set comes with headpiece, sleeves, collar, dress, pet and the ward (ward only in rares). Be ware of the long dress as it kinda limits your movement (well, you are not supposed to have your legs apart because you are an elegant witch now). Try demo to see if that’s the outcome you want!

Due to the disaster happened with =Zenith= & *The Mystic* original Flickr account, we decided to open a new one for future and this would be permanent. And I think we should celebrate. (why not? we celebrate for new things right?) ANYWAY – HERE WE GO THE GOOD NEWS! We will hold a 48 hours giveaway starting RIGHT NOW on both our new Flickr page and Facebook page. Total of 3 winners will be picked (2 from Flickr, 1 from Facebook) on October 7, and to be awarded a full set of *The Mystic* Ophelia’s Incantation Collection (no trans). For joining details, head to ->



Decor –

Pitaya – The Last Vampire – Ruins RARE °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@The Arcade Oct
Pitaya – The Last Vampire – Candelabra °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@The Arcade Oct
Pitaya – The Last Vampire – Altar °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@The Arcade Oct
Pitaya – The Last Vampire – Curtains °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@The Arcade Oct
Pitaya – The Last Vampire – Candles °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@The Arcade Oct
Pitaya – The Last Vampire – Long Banner °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@The Arcade Oct

03 Action Witchcraft – Intent Candles Purity °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@The Arcade Oct
08 Action Witchcraft – Intent Candles Lust °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@The Arcade Oct
15 Action Witchcraft – Cauldron °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@The Arcade Oct

SLAM // graveyard smash // chandelier °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@The Arcade Oct

+Half-Deer+ Skeleton Cat °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Salem Oct

Se7en +775

People usually say – their world becomes colourful again when they meet the perfect someone. Well, this seems not applying on me. My photo stream is really getting darker and darker… duh. It is quite a bit of headache here when he loves wearing black, only, seriously.

We are featuring this unisex pants together, which is from toksik – Invasion collection. I was planning to create a more sci-fi scene to feature the full set; but I can’t think of anything for that right now XD so let’s make a quick sneak peek first! The pants are fitted for Maitreya, Freya, Hourglass and Legacy for female, Gianni, Jake and Legacy for male. You may hide/show the belt and strap on the pants with color options. You may also fit the pants inside mid-length boots too! The texture and details are perfect in no doubt. I just love to play with lights to show reflections well on the pants. The Invasion set is now available at NEO Japan until Oct 18.

Dan is featuring /Ascend/ Thomas Hoodie which was released at the Man Cave earlier. It can be worn with or without inner shirt. Color HUD comes with each single pack which allows you to change the color for the strap and shirt. The only downside for this Hoodie is that there is no option to take off the hood (I want his hair back T_T) But yea, after all, it is an interesting design.

On her <-

Horns: The Horror!~ JuiceDemon Hornz
Hair: bonbon reiko hair °˖✧◝🎁◜✧˖°Group Gift
Top: .miss chelsea. Nava Sweater
Bra: Mug – Pool Party – #10 Bikini Top
Piercing: :: MOMOCHUU :: Rowena piercing
Pants: toksikInvasion Pants °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°NEO Japan Oct
Sneakers: [VALE KOER] MOODY Platforms

On him ->

Horns: The Horror!~ JuiceDemon Hornz
Hair: a lot of photoshop
Top: /Ascend/ Thomas Hoodie °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°Man Cave Oct
Pants: toksik – Invasion Pants °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°NEO Japan Oct
Sneakers: SemllerWorn Canvas Hi Tops Flame EDT °˖✧◝⚡◜✧˖°60L weekend Oct 3-4

Backdrop: .PALETO. Backdrop:. Oakland City
Decor: DISORDERLY. / Abandonment

I sometimes don’t know what I am doing here but yea, I hope you enjoy this one as always! (´∇ノ`*)ノ



Se7en +774

It seems like there is a trend for Staycation – while we can’t travel too far away because of the pandemic. SO! We went to explore the forest next to our neighborhood. See? We found an interesting tree and meet a lot of new fluffy friends!

Dan spot a path that could get us on top of the tree! Unfortunately, my legs are too short ┐(‘~`;)┌ And this is him pulling me to get thru the “stairs”!

Pose: Ana PosesDarling °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@ The Arcade Sep 
Props: 13_8f8Trea Time – Tea Sign °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@ The Arcade Sep 
14_8f8Trea Time – Side Table °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@ The Arcade Sep 
[MERAK]Ajvar Basket °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@ The Arcade Sep 
[MERAK] Apple Basket °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@ The Arcade Sep 

The weather is so nice in the Fall! We spent the rest of the afternoon on this giant magical tree!

//… Imagine a place where we can be free
There’s no one for miles, it’s just you and me
We might have kids
Maybe three
But twins could be cool
That would do it for me …//

Free Love – Honne

On her <-

Hair: Foxy – Charm °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@KUSTOM 9 Sep
Top: :: MOMOCHUU :: Sugar Top White
Jacket: .:villena:. – Windbreaker Jacket
Pants: TETRA Cargo pants **updated with Legacy size now**
Boots: Semller – Puffer Boots

On him ->

Hair: Hair: Stealthic – Reach
Denim Jacket: //Ascend// Siu Oversized Denim Jacket
Jeans: Jeans: //Ascend// Mikol Jeans
Shoes: Bleich – Warning
Backpack: Mug – Backpack Junkie – #9 Travel Pack White

Decor from °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@ The Arcade Sep  **last few days before it ends on Sep 30**

01_8f8Trea Time – Trea House RARE
05_8f8 – Trea Time – Display Cart
06_8f8 – Trea Time – Garden Table
07_8f8 – Trea Time – Garden Chair Hers
08_8f8 – Trea Time – Garden Chair His
11_8f8 – Trea Time – Wall Lamp
18_8f8 – Trea Time – Still Life
19_8f8 – Trea Time – Milk & Honey
20_8f8 – Trea Time – Linzer Eyes
24_8f8 – Trea Time – Teabloom Dandelion Set
25_8f8 – Trea Time – Rose Tea Set

MutresseFluffy Squirrels – 3
Mutresse – Fluffy Squirrels – 4
Mutresse – Fluffy Squirrels – 17

KraftWork Zen Refuge . Metal Chimes

16 MADRAS Fish Vase Brass

Decor not from current event –

+Half-Deer+ Fawn
+Half-Deer+ Sunflower Garland

//… I can’t get you all that stuff
But I can give you all my love
Are the simple things enough? …//

-Dan & Fa


Se7en +773

=Zenith= Misato Yukata teaser arrives! This set will be released at the NEO-Japan soon on September 26. I’m sure everybody is excited about it. And I am not an exception for all Asian-themed event/festival! There are 4 colors for this set. Each set contains the main outfit, shoulder armor (rigged), back bow (unrigged), shoes, and katana (2 styles & attached on waist). This is a non-gacha collection, so everybody has an equal chance to get the full pack this time! I will update landmark here when it is available. In the meanwhile, check out NEO-Japan website for more information!

Hair: (left) [monso] My Hair – Shiranui B (edited) / (right)Eliavah ~ Sora Hair (edited)
Accessories: kottehuli jing – huli ear and pompom clip
Makeup: kottered makeup

-Fine & the Carrot head


Se7en +772

I am obviously slowing down my blog post since early September (。•́︿•̀。) Although I really want to, RL work started to tearing me apart! Anyway, I am still really enjoy creating every scene and every look to share with you!

As Fall arrives, I am turning my theme color from sunny blue sky to pumpkin orange (although I hate pumpkin). And I have started to pack my bikinis and shorts awhile back!

We went to the country side this weekend to check out our farm. A truck of pumpkin is ready and apples fall off everywhere! This is a good and chill afternoon ❤

I am featuring StealthicFixated 😍 This is a hair style inspired by Doja Cat’s look in her Say So music video. But I am nothing like Doja Cat lol. Anyway. This hair is cute with all the waves. The add-on head band is just a button away on the HUD. Five pearl colors to pick for the head band. It can be worn separately too as unrigged version for the band is also in the pack. Good thing for this length is nothing covering your beautiful outfit! (I LOVE SHORT AND MID-LENGTH HAIR! – I hope you read this Mr. Stealthic!) You may find this hair at Anthem – Sept round.

My outfit is cheezu. swan outfit newly released at KPOP United. This is a new one-time event (at least for now?) until September 27. A pretty cool event that feature a lot of KPOP-inspired items. I’m sure most of the KPOP fans were in hype! The favourite thing I love for this outfit is the sleeves. The ruffles are so cute! The texture for this set also wow-ed me as compared to cheezu’s previous collections, the reflection and shadow seems getting better and better! Of course, she always has the cutiest collection that melted most of the girls heart on the grid. This set is not an exception.

Hair: StealthicFixated °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@ Anthem Sept
Hat: cheezu. daily wool beret °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@ Anthem Sept
Outfit: cheezue. swan outfit °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@ KPOP United

Both of us are wearing cheezu. daily wool beret. I don’t know about you, but beret is my close friend in Fall and Winter, no matter here or irl. This beret I am wearing is a really simple design. No attached decoration nor accessory. And I think this is the best as it can be highly matched with any hair style and outfit. The full color pack as follow:

Image from Gyazo

You may find this at Anthem – Sept round.

Hair: *barberyumyum*L14
Hat: cheezu. daily wool beret °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@ Anthem Sept
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Urban Ears °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@KUSTOM 9 Sep
Necklace: Kibitz – Enya’s necklace °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@KUSTOM 9 Sep
Outfit: ISONlong sleeve romper
Bag: =Zenith=Rattan Spring Picnic Bag (White) -Rigged

Pose (left): Ana Poses – Her September – °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@The Arcade Sep 
Image from Gyazo

Decor –

KraftWork Zen Refuge . Gazebo RARE °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@The Arcade Sep 
[Merak]Truck Figurine RARE °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@The Arcade Sep 
09_8f8Trea Time – Her Trunk °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@The Arcade Sep
11_8f8Trea Time – Wall Lamp °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@The Arcade Sep
+Half-Deer+ Tassel Garland – Halloween
DISORDERLY. / Harvest Apples

I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful start of the week!

-Fine & the Carrot head