Se7en +698

I wake up like this… if it is a weekend. *facepalm*

Routine -> open my eyes and glad that I’m still alive! Put on glasses and search my phone. Message HIM with a random emoji. Prep for the cereal breakfast. Turn on the laptop. Chill and enjoy the nom. And… likely to fall asleep again. *shush*


Having some comfy home-wear on me, is [spectacledchic] Hailey Top release at Collabor 88. Congratulation to be the guest designer for this round! [spectacledchic]’s designs are always simple and straight forward. You could not be bored by the simplicity. Less is more. At least that is what I think. Anyway! This set comes with top and skirt, separately. So you could play around with the mix and match. I especially love the bubble sleeves btw.

Also from Collabor 88, is my messy hair – Exile:: Into You. The hair texture of Exile has been a lot different from what I remember, which is surprising! It seems like most of the hair store is heading towards the same direction – alpha-soft-layer texture instead of the old school solid mesh. Well, there are always good and bad for both. It really depends on your choice and preference.

Decor –

NOMAD // Corner Seat // Boheme ꒰🆕꒱ Collabor 88 July
e.marie x hangry // Breakfast Tray ꒰🆕꒱ The Epiphany July
e.marie x hangry // Dream ꒰🆕꒱ The Epiphany July
MICHAN – My Stash Gacha – Brushes (peach) ꒰🆕꒱ The Epiphany July
MICHAN – My Stash Gacha – Skincare A ꒰🆕꒱ The Epiphany July
MICHAN – My Stash Gacha – Kawaii Lamp A RARE ꒰🆕꒱ The Epiphany July
Wednesday[+] ~ 90’s Life ~ Lipstick set – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ 90’s Life ~ Lipgloss Set – COMMON
.random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Laptop
Ariskea[Botanica] Flowers Green vase
Ariskea[Sunkiss] Aloe Flower
Ariskea[Sunkiss] Aloe you vera much
+Half-Deer+ Lazypuff Bunny – Majestic Unicorn RARE
+Half-Deer+ Lazypuff Bunny II – Lamb (Cotton Candy)
+Half-Deer+ Lazypuff Bunny II – Lamb (Cauliflower)


Glasses: Sleepy Eddy #Combination Glasses
Eyelashes: EVERMORE. [manga – lashes] ꒰🔥꒱The Crystal Heart 2019
Tea bag: ::CHERRYISH:: Noah Gacha = Tea bag [mouth] – RARE ꒰🆕꒱ The Epiphany July
Rings: (Yummy) Comfy Cozy Ring Set

❤ Thanks for reading!



Se7en +697

I thought witches don’t have to go bath/shower – I mean, shouldn’t we have the magic to make ourselves clean and flowery-smell?

Anyway, I found my magical bathing set is cute so .. as a witch, I decided to have my first bath ever in my life. ヾ(・ω・。)シ


Speaking of magical, ladies.. Don’t miss your chance to the Crystal Heart Acadamy this year opened since June 30. Over a hundred vendors giving you numerous choice of outfits and decors – to gear you up as the Sailor fighters or lovely magicians.

Like this sexy cute bodysuit by MIWAS / Star princess, is one of my favourite “out of the box” design. Nothing like the remake version of any anime character outfits, it is simple but straight to the point – PRINCESS. Tons of color choice if you buy the fatpack of course. It also comes with a fur cape (is that call cape? see the AD lol) and other star accessories. Check it out at the TCH!

꒰🔥꒱Goodies also from The Crystal Heart

Eyes: more more. riri skin gacha
Lips: more more. riri skin gacha
Eyelashes: EVERMORE. [manga – lashes]
Nails: {Sakura} Cutie Moon Nails
Hat: Sallie Language / Witch Girl

Wand: .: Runic :. A Crystal Dream – Wand (RARE)


The Epiphany (mirror) is opening on July 15 10PM SLT. But I don’t think you would be able to get in until….the end of this round? (๑❛ꇳ❛๑) This is the Epiphany anniversary round, which you could expect MORE stores and MORE stuff to explore! Check out their website for the preview gacha keys and ad. Just to give yourself a little bit of taste. It’s always my pleasure to be their blogger – so I get early access and very first hand info!

.random.Matter. continues the theme of magical as releasing Bubble Magic gacha collection. The bathing little decors are all you need for your pastel magic bathroom. Agree?

꒰🆕꒱Goodies also from The Epiphany

+Half-Deer+ Candy Galaxy II – Bathed in Starlight RARE
+Half-Deer+ Candy Galaxy II – Galaxy Panda – Hold RARE
+Half-Deer+ Candy Galaxy II – Galactic Boba Tea – Blueberry

.random.Matter. – Bubble Magic – Shelf [Gold]
.random.Matter. – Bubble Magic – Clay Masks
.random.Matter. – Bubble Magic – Caddy [Gold]
.random.Matter. – Bubble Magic – Bubble Bath [Strawberry]
.random.Matter. – Bubble Magic – Bath Bombs [White]
.random.Matter. – Bubble Magic – Hair Care
.random.Matter. – Bubble Magic – Towels [Pink]
.random.Matter. – Bubble Magic – Moon Mat [Blue]
.random.Matter. – Bubble Magic – Candle [Berries]

— —

Other items not in recent events –

Hair: tram I0618 hair(A) @Uber June
Necklace: M.BIRDIE / Magical mood
Rings: (Yummy) Comfy Cozy Ring
Bubbles: MIWAS / Bubble on me

Kittie with floatie: +Half-Deer+ Summer Paradise – Cat Nap Floatie
Planets: +Half-Deer+ Candy Galaxy – Planet Sorbet
Shelf: Foxwood – Spa – Shelf

What is the best thing to do after bath? -> Sleep.

Goodnight ❤


Se7en +696

I hate when the weekend is my only time to afford for photo-taking (。•́︿•̀。)
ok..just because I got distracted


Anyway, we spent a wonderful time on our balcony at our seaside cottage. As the sun burning, we still need an extra fan to help cooling-down, even tho we didn’t wear much!

I am wearing BlueberryCori – Lace Dress. This top can be worn alone as a bra top. Of course, you will have numerous color/texture options if you purchase the fatpack. This set also comes along with sandals and accessories. Check out at Blueberry’s main store.

On left I am wearing {le fil casse} Drusilla Bustier Top available at Collabor 88 July round. The lace texture looks sexy but lovely too! A perfect piece to complete one of your summer outfits. Also wearing MIWAS / Heart club skirt, which was just released at Equal 10.


Fine on right ->

Hair: pr!tty – Erin ꒰🆕꒱ Collabor 88 July
Earrings: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you-Earring
Sunglasses: `M.BIRDIE / Marcia look-sunglasses
Bracelet: `M.BIRDIE / Bomia look. hair band bracelet
Rings: Pure Poison – SPace Rings
Nails: {Sakura} Cutie Moon Nails ꒰🔥꒱ Crystal Heart 2019
Juice: Junk Food – Summer Drink Orange ꒰🆕꒱ The Seasons Story July
Fan: AMITOMO – Tropical Lover GACHA
Bag: =Zenith=Summer Ratten flower Bag ꒰🆕꒱ Collabor 88 July
Body decor: MIWAS / Star on me “Body” ꒰🔥꒱ Crystal Heart 2019

Carrot on left <-

Hair: *barberyumyum*94
Earrings: Eliavah ~ Nirnfeather Earrings
Backpack: Sweet Thing. X-Ray Backpack

Decors –

+Half-Deer+ Tasseled Hanging Chair – Tan ꒰🆕꒱ Collabor 88 July
JIAN Silly Shibes II *EPP* Sleepy Pupper
Ariskea[Abaca] Clock Decor ꒰🔥꒱Anthem July
Ariskea[Abaca] Coral Decor ꒰🔥꒱Anthem July
Ariskea[Abaca] DriftWood Round Decor ꒰🔥꒱Anthem July
Ariskea[Corine] Chrysanthemum
hive // hanging devil’s ivy plant

So the next thing we do is to jump into the water! TTLY ❤

-Fine & the carrot head

Se7en +695

It seems like a tradition now that I cosplay Sakura Card Captor every year? If you don’t mind to time travel with me ╰(•̀ 3 •́)━☆゚.*・。゚ 20162018 — 2019!

She is definitely one of my favourite magical girl other than Sailormoon! It is my pleasure to make a cosplay collab with my dearest sisya Tomoyo AngelicaFingelica’s collection is my best collection. As always. Forever.

Our sweet uniform is by Kotte, which released 2 years ago, the Acadamia Uniform. And finally, after all these years, VCO releases Sakura’s hair as Cherry! I just modify a bit with *barberyumyum*66. VCO’s Cherry is available at The Crystal Heart Acadamy right now. The small bow on my head is kotteutau charms – ribbon.


The Crystal Heart Acadamy is still on fire. I mean, I still have no way to get in. I wish you good luck tho! Kotte releases a cute set of Cat Catsplay Gacha at TCH, as you can see my adorable Kero-chan! BTW, can you name all the characters that the kitties represent? I wish to use them all in my pics one day! And I know I will ❤

Also from TCH, is Wednesday[+] ~ Sakura Life gacha set. All small decors are full of details and heart. I wish I could have all these in real life too!


Other decors:

Wednesday[+] ~ Sakura Life gacha set ▣NEW▣@The Crystal Heart2019
Wednesday[+] ~ Sakura Life ~ Bag – RARE
Wednesday[+] ~ Sakura Life ~ Magical Rug – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Sakura Life ~ Planner – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Sakura Life ~ Cards – COMMON

Ice-cream: CHACHA. Yum-Yum Dessert / RARE ▣NEW▣@The Crystal Heart2019
Cookie bags & cookie in my mouth: CHACHA. Yum-Yum Dessert / Cookie Bag ▣NEW▣@The Crystal Heart2019

Picnic set: dust bunny . summer picnic . picnic basket RARE

Sushi and bento set:
dust bunny . kawaii lunch . sushi
dust bunny . kawaii lunch . wrapped bento . blue
dust bunny . kawaii lunch . fawn bento
dust bunny . kawaii lunch . bear bread

Pancakes: MishMishBear Hot Cakes

Planter: Ariskea[Arbor] Wood Planter & Flowers @Uber June

Pink trees: +Half-Deer+ Starglitter Tree

Check out Tomoyo’s version HERE!

I love this so so so much ❤ Thank you Angie!



Se7en +694

Everyone (I think almost everyone in the grid) is obsessed with The Crystal Heart Academy at the moment. This yearly event grabs a lot of girlish hearts no matter what age you are in. Yes. You. Just admit it.

Been seeing so many many many pretty magical picture posted around, I struggled to make mine. So I guess, I will go by the academy side and hide my magical power under the uniform this time.


Featuring CHU-ING – Chuing Academy (blue on right) and and Chuing Academy 2nd grade (red on left). The red one is just arrived at The Crystal Heart this year. The rare version comes with HUD to change colors of each part. The lace is optional. And of course there are cute common version too! Check them out at the event!

If you still have no luck in teleporting in, why not check out this pretty website for details, as well as Seraphim for a quick sneak peek?

On left <-

Hair: RAMA.SALON – Sylvia Hair
Hat: CHU-ING. Chuing Academy. Beret Black
Eyelashes: EVERMORE – Manga Lashes ▣NEW▣@The Crystal Heart 2019
Shoes: MIWAS / Star princess Boots ▣NEW▣@The Crystal Heart 2019

On right ->

Hair: [monso] My Hair – Delilah ▣NEW▣@Fameshed July
Hat: CHU-ING. Chuing Academy. Beret Black
Shoes: *bbqq*School Loafer-LONG RARE


Decor –

Tentacio – school moon bag black ▣NEW▣@The Crystal Heart 2019

Alouette – Georgia Bookcase – Darkest

Kalopsia – Goldie’s Chalk World Globe
.random.Matter. – Art Studio – Markers
.random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Journals
Apple Fall Liberty Sketchbook
Apple Fall Books & Map
Nutmeg. Pile of Vinage books Group Gift
Kalopsia – 4 Book Stack
Ariskea[Botanica] Flowers Green vase
dust bunny . potted cheese plant

See you soon!

-Fine & the carrot head

Se7en +693

Space fighter Agent Fine copy (★ゝз・)ノ~*

It is always fun but overwhelmed to make themed base photo that is out of my zone lol This month’s Collabor 88 has this playful space theme. Unfortunately, I believe there is less than half of the items are really related to what I think “space” should be, which makes it a little bit more challenging. I have to dig in my messy horrible nightmare (inventory) and put together what I want in my mind. Anyways, here you go!


Hair: Beusy: Vertigo Braids (Short)
Headset: Spoiled – Wings Gaming Headset ▣Free▣@SL16B Shopping Event
Visor: ::Axix:: Cyb3r Sakura Visor
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Yokubo
Face stickers: `M.BIRDIE / Magical mood. Glitter on face
Earrings: .::Supernatural::. Mia Earrings @Collabor 88 June
Necklace: (Yummy) Solar System Necklace @Collabor 88 June
Forearm accessory: .random.Matter. – Star Craft
Nails: PurePoison – Space Nails & Rings @Collabor 88 June
Wings: :: MOMOCHUU :: Ava wing
Top: Caboodle – Astra Top @Collabor 88 June
Pantie and skirt: :Moon Amore: Holographic / Shirts and Skirt
Gun: .random.Matter. – Girl Fight – Pistol [Pink] – RARE


Decors –

Wednesday[+] ~ Back To Univers-E.T ~ U.f.o W/out Alien COMMON
+Half-Deer+ Candy Galaxy – Planet Sorbet
-Nomi- Sweet Planet
DISORDERLY. / Experimental / Hologram

I hope you like it! ❤

Have a great week everyone \o/



Se7en 692

How about going for a walk to enjoy the good weather?

Featuring =Zenith= Vintage Shirt with Jean Dress released at Collabor 88 and [spectacledchic] Sleeveless Gather Dress released at Equal 10.


This fountain behind us is Trompe LoeilEvia Fountain Pool Tan, available at Collabor 88. Of course it does have poses on, which you can play sexy within. Tho, I think the swans couple looks sweet, too! These swans are old releases from +Half-Deer+ Snowglitter Swan collection. Bouquet is 7. {sallie} Brunch in Green – Bouquet available at the Arcade.


On left <-

Hair: *barberyumyum*T01 w/ bangs61F”
Dress: =Zenith=Vintage Shirt with Jean Dress @Collabor 88 Jun
Sneakers: =Zenith=Plataforma Sneakers Heels with Sock @Kustom9 Jun

On right ->

Hat: Hazy. Piyo Piyo look hat
Hair: Exile:: Swept Away @Collabor 88 Jun
Dress: [spectacledchic] Sleeveless Gather Dress @Equal 10 Jun
Jacket: MIWAS / Slash denim Jacket
Necklace: CHU-ING. Dokidoki Look. Neclace Bubblegum
Drink: Hangry – Floral Drink
Bag: `M.BIRDIE/Pinpin look Bag

I hope you like my looks for the day ❤ Thank you!



Se7en +691


After begging him for a few times I finally got him to go for a short trip with me (๑>ᴗ<๑) ♥ That’s exciting enough for me to pack up.. I mean, to pack all kitties and my mess!

These lovely kitties and summer decor from +Half-Deer+ Summer Paradise can be found at the Arcade. This set comes with cuteness overflown kitties and puppies, and those goodies that you must carry to the beach.

Other decor –

Floaty ring: AITUISummer Floats – Donut @the Arcade June

Skunk on his shoulder & on ground: MishMish – Punky Skunk

Doves: {anc} NO LIMITS // flock of flying doves.

Deck & House:
RaindaleSandwood deck @the Arcade June
RaindaleSandwood beach cabin @the Arcade June

Strawberry: dust bunny . strawberry season . bowl of berries


On me ->

Hair: DOUX – Water Hairstyle + Stealthic – Bangs (Airy C)
Earring: MIWAS / Vapor summer Candy Earring
Necklace: Kitbitz – Ronda necklace
Top: BlueberryElise – Crochet Top
Pants: BlueberryYumi – Cheeky Shorts

On him <-

Hair: Stealthic Rebellion
Tank & Jacket on waist: FAKEICON


[behind the scene]
Him: why don’t I have the flower on head?
Me: oh. ok.
Him: get me the one you used to put on head.
Me: *add flower*
Him: …….
Me: *add more flowers*
Me: *LMAO*
[/behind the scene]





If I could trap you in my arms, I would 
If I could kidnap you right now, I would 
I'd take you out to Timbuktu, 
just to be alone with you 
'Cause I want you around

Every single day you're makin me crazy 
You got a million little ways to get me shaking 
I just really wanna show you what you're doin' to me

If you wanna keep me for a while, you can 
Cause I got ways to make you smile, no hands 
Would you swim the seven seas just to wake up next to me ? 
Cause I need you right now

You take me up to such great heights 
Don't let me fall back down 
'Cause every night 
You knock my feet right off the ground 
So rock my body to the moon 
Baby take me up to 
Such great heights 
Don't let me fall back down

Great Heights - Christiana Bergenguer

Se7en +690

Mhmm.. played a bit mix and match this afternoon and got two perfect look for girls date. You know, it’s summer time. It gotta be colorful yea?


Some denim stuff here from MIWAS old release. Slash set includes jacket and jeans, which comes with 6 individual colors plus another 6 fatpack exclusive colors. Parts can be re-color as you wish with included HUD. I’m wearing the jacket on left and the jeans on right. Jacket fits multiple mesh body and you can wear any inner top inside. It is pretty easy to find match. 3 sizes available but it is always a good idea to try demo before purchasing.

For me, the inner top I have (on right) is BlueberryHooked Tank Top, which was previous release at Uber in April. For sure this set is available at store now. It comes with comfy pants too! Check them out at store!

On right, I have my CHU-ING. Dalcomi look. Top to match my pink jeans from MIWAS. This is a common within CHU-ING. Dalcomi look gacha set released at the Arcade. She made a damn cute AD for it! But I interpret in a totally different way. I mean yes, it is still cute but not like pj in bed. Commons are tops with cardigan, shorts and hats, rare is the dress version also with cardigan. The only downside here is that, it is locked arm with fake hands and only for flat chest. I know there are a bunch of people dislike this but hmm.. the defaulted fake arm poses work adorable in picture sometimes. Some people comment about tops/dresses were not rigged as fit as it should be (in the shoulder area). I agree this may not be a perfect outfit for some picky people. But still, I could see the hard-work on the details of design and texture. Rigging is not easy and it required time and experience. We could see a room of improvement here and I look forward to CHU-ING’s new releases with better rig! ❤

On left <-

Hair: [monso] My Hair – Rose ▣NEW▣@Collabor 88 June
Sunglasses: `M.BIRDIE / Marcia look
Choker: [La Baguette] Galaxie Choker ▣NEW▣@Collabor 88 June
Shorts: [spectacledchic] Chloi Short
Nails: Pure Poison Space Nails ▣NEW▣@Collabor 88 June
Tote bag: Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Like Totes Adorbs’ Basic Bitch Tote {wear}

On right ->

Hair: StealthicReprise + Stealthic – Bangs (Hime A)
Sunglasses: `M.BIRDIE / MiMi look
Choker: sue cream. yummy ice cream choker
Sneakers: =Zenith=platafoma sneakers
Phone: {CD&S} – Moon Child Kawaii Phone


Decor –

Silence.Scottsdale Door Backdrop – Black @Arcade June
MudHoney Finley Plant @Arcade June
DISORDERLY. / Delicious Adventures / Delivery Scooter / RARE @Arcade June

+Half-Deer+ Pomeranian

❤ Thank you!



Se7en +689

It’s the season you gotta get into the water!

Trompe LoeilGenoveva Hacienda Poolhouse has a great design, which has a nice pool outside the front yard woohoo! We just had fun cooling off our feet. The house newly release at Collabor 88 May round. It also comes with some outdoor chair.


On Left <-

Hair: Stealthic – Mirage @Collabor 88 May
Flower on head: 12. {sallie} Brunch in Green – Flower Crown ▣NEW▣@the Arcade June
Outfit: MIWAS / Daisy @Flora May

On right ->

Hair: Lamb. Seventeen
Outfit: Blueberry – Moki – Dress ▣NEW▣@Uber May


Decor –

NOMAD // Summer Daybed // Worn Blue // ADULT @Collabor 88 May
6. {sallie} Brunch in Green – Glass w/ Green ▣NEW▣@the Arcade June
7. {sallie} Brunch in Green – Bouquet ▣NEW▣@the Arcade June
:::ChicChica::: CakeInJar # 2 ▣NEW▣@the Arcade June
:::ChicChica::: CakeInJar # 3 RARE ▣NEW▣@the Arcade June
SEmotion Libellune Glamour Puppy Bag Animesh #6 ▣NEW▣@the Arcade June

DISORDERLY. / Tropic Love / Palm
hive // hanging devil’s ivy plant . light

*sends bunches of luck to you for the Arcade gacha*