Se7en +502

Oh well.. I have already lost count in how many beach/pool/bikinis blogs I have done in this summer ¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯ This is not a bad thing but the overwhelming bikinis/swimsuits releases are just crazy! Anywayzzz~

I am so late and still catching up some items I received earlier in last month. This backdrop, pose set with props were FOXCITY‘s releases at SaNaRae in June. June round was end yesterday unfortunately. BUT! You can now pick these up at FOXCITY‘s main store. The photo booth Plastic Jungle comes with color options and background options. For color options I mean you can change the vines and bananas’ color. For background options I mean you can have wooden fence (which I am using in the pic), a tropical texture background, or just with the vines and bananas. The two at the middle who are holding watermelons and pineapples are come with the pose FOXCITY. Fruity. You can definitely wanna have a shoot like this with your beloved sis! Two poses on two sides are from FOXCITY. Banana Agency Bento Pose set. It comes with bananas props!


Other decoration:

Pool: SAYO – Palisades Pool
Guitar: {YD}Little piece of summer – Roses on guitar RARE ✪NEW✪@Tres Chic July
Food: ✪NEW✪@Tres Chic July
{YD}Little piece of summer – Mint ice cream
{YD}Little piece of summer – Macarons
{YD}Little piece of summer – Watermelon popsicle
{YD}Little piece of summer – Strawberry ice cream
{YD}Little piece of summer – Pineapple ice cream


Purple Hair Girl –

Hair: Beusy: Lotus Hairstyle (3:00 A.M. Gacha // Common)✪NEW✪@KUSTOM 9 July
Headband: +Half-Deer+ Blossom Baby – Daisy Crown✪EXCLUSIVE✪@The Epiphany July
Mesh Head: Catwa Tala
Eyes: Evermore. Vixen Eyes✪NEW✪@The Epiphany July
Ears: Pumec – Little Star
Earrings: Dahlia – Azha – Earring
Skin: PUMEC – Lilith✪NEW✪@Tres Chic July
Brows: Wednesday[+] Korean Me Up ~ Brows @The Project Se7en June
Blush: :: MOMOCHUU :: Lily blusher
Lips: :: MOMOCHUU :: Mitsuki Lips @The Seasons Story July
Nails: :Moon Amore: Senshi Nail Art @The Crystal Heart Festival 2017
Pantie: :: MOMOCHUU :: GUMI – Panties B Set✪NEW✪@The Epiphany July
Body Tattoo: Stardust – Fay & Faye black tattoo @The Seasons Story July

Red Hair Girl –

Hair: .Entwined. Georgina
Crown: Poupee – Naturel Gacha – Royal Leaf Crown RARE
Mesh Head: Catwa Lona
Eyes: :: MOMOCHUU :: Spring Eye Milk Blue
Skin: Glam Affair – Alura
Blush: :: MOMOCHUU :: blusher & Eyelashes
Lips: :: MOMOCHUU :: PaPaya Lips B
Necklace: Eliavah ~ Zer’sa Choker
Dress: {le fil casse} Vanessa Dress ✪NEW✪@Mesh Body Addicted Bi-monthly July
Body Tattoo: Poupee – Naturel Gacha – Scarborough Tattoo appliers RARE


Brown Hair Girl –

Hair: [monso] My Hair – Lily✪NEW✪@KUSTOM 9 July
Sunglasses: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you-sunglasses✪NEW✪@Okinawa Summer Festival 2017
Mesh Head: Catwa Catya
Skin: PUMEC – Elle ✪NEW✪@Powder Pack July
Brows: Wednesday[+] ~ Blonde&Brown Brows ~ Common
Blush: Wednesday[+] ~ Cute Allergies RARE
Face decor: Wednesday[+] Mermaid’s Life Flower
Top: REIGN. – Laced Up Halter Top✪NEW✪@The Epiphany July
Bottom: REIGN. – Crochet Bikini Bottoms✪NEW✪@The Epiphany July
Body Tattoo: Stardust – Le and Lea black tattoo

Green Hair Girl –

Hair: [taketomi] – Aimi
Hairband: sue cream. lovely band gacha Headband RARE
Mesh Head: Catwa Lona
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Miau~
Blush: Wednesday[+] ~ Korean Me Up ~ Blushes @The Project Se7en June
Lipstick: Wednesday[+] ~ Korean Me Up ~ CreamLips @The Project Se7en June
Ears: MANDALA Steking Ears Season5
Skin: Glam Affair – Dolly
Neckalce: e.marie // Message Bar Necklace
Skirt: {le fil casse} Taara Skirt @The Fantasy Collective July
Body Tattoo: Poupee – Naturel Gacha – Hedgewitch Tattoo Appliers RARE

Thank you!


Se7en +501

It is the party time! How could we left out the neon lights? FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Neon City VOL3 is a perfect photo booth if you want to create the party atmosphere. Unfortunately, it was a limited edition exclusively at Limit 8 last month. If you have already bought it, lucky you! But if not, you can also check out the black and white version at FOXCITY main store. I have used the white version for my blog before! Check it out? 

Epiphany was officially open on 15th evening. I found tons of goodies including outfits and home decor. Apart from the Stay Gold Summer collection from DISORDERLY that I introduced days before, today I have Semller outfit and Peaches ‘N Cream party decoration!

Also a friendly reminder that new round of Knot&co. was started on last Saturday!

Knot & co 7th week!

Here I am featuring O V H Ophelia Dress exclusively for Knot&co. Sizes and fitted version available. However, I would strongly recommend you to try demo before purchasing. It is not Maitreya nor Slink fitted. Just simply a fitted mesh (which is not the same :p) Sizes may not fit everyone’s unique body shape too! Be caution!


Red Top –

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Kim ✪NEW✪@KUSTOM 9 July
Skin: PUMEC – Elle ✪NEW✪@Powder Pack July
Brows: Wednesday[+] ~ Korean Me Up ~ Blond&Ginger Brows @The Project Se7en June
Eye shadow: :: MOMOCHUU :: Glitter Moon Eyeshadow – Thick Eyeliner ✪NEW✪@The Epiphany July
Blush: e.marie // Cosmic Makeup w/ Cosmic Face Mesh Stars @The Crystal Heart Festival 2017
Lipstick: Wednesday[+] ~ Korean Me Up ~ JuicyLips @The Project Se7en June
Mesh Head: Catwa Tala
Top: Semller – Cut Crop Top Semller Gabby Gacha ✪NEW✪@The Epiphany July
Jeans: Semller – Jeans Semller Gabby Gacha ✪NEW✪@The Epiphany July
Heels: Essenz – Memphis ✪NEW✪@Bound Box July

Black Top –

Hair: [taketomi] – Yue w/headband
Skin: Glam Affair – Ellen
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Junji~ @The Project Se7en June
Eye shadow: kotte – glossy eyeshadows
Lipstick: kotte – glossy lipsticks
Eye bag: [Knot&co.] Beth_Eyebags @Knot&co. July 1
Dress: O V H .Ophelia Dress ✪NEW✪@Knot&co. July 15



✪NEW✪@The Epiphany July

Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘That’s What Cheese Said’ Cheese Puffs
Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Don’t Worry Beer Happy’ Beer Trash
Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila FLOOR’ Deco
Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘I’m Just Tipsy’ Beer Cup – EXCLUSIVE
Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘FriendChips In a Bowl’ Chips Deco
Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Hakuna Ma-Vodka’ Shot Checkers
Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Alcohol You Later’ Cup Deco 1
Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Alcohol You Later’ Cup Deco 2
Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Lettuce Dance’ Boombox Dancer
Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Drunkin’ Grownups’ Beer Cozi
Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Drunk 1’ Beer Cozi


Se7en +500

Comin’ over in my direction
So thankful for that, it’s such a blessin’, yeah
Turn every situation into heaven, yeah
Oh-oh, you are
My sunrise on the darkest day
Got me feelin’ some kind of way
Make me wanna savor every moment slowly, slowly
You fit me tailor-made, love how you put it on
Got the only key, know how to turn it on
The way you nibble on my ear, the only words I wanna hear
Baby, take it slow so we can last long

Despacito – Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber


On Left <

Hair: .Entwined. Leah ✪NEW✪@The Epiphany July
Lingerie: NiU. – Lace Bikini ✪NEW✪@Tres Chic July
Necklace: Kibitz – Jeanie necklace ✪NEW✪@KUSTOM 9 July

On Right >

Hair: #taketomiWEST – Priyanka✪NEW✪@Designer Drive
Lingerie: NiU. – Lace Bikini ✪NEW✪@Tres Chic July


White Heels: [BREATHE] – Sango Heels @FaMESHed July

Black Heels: Essenz – Albany


Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Glam – Black (Limited in 100 quantity ONLY) ✪PREVIEW✪@Limit 8 June

Poses for both come from FOXCITY. Stair (Standing) Collection ✪NEW✪@The Chapter Four


Se7en +499

Summer Vacation part II! There are a lot events going around with amazing summer related items! Okinawa Summer Festival is still so popular with many Japanese style outfits and decor. Just like me at the middle, featuring `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you gacha collection. There are mesh fake hands / normal hands version within the gahca. And the top, bottom and the jacket can be mix and match yourself! Including within the collection, you can also find accessories like earrings, shoes, caps! Be sure to grab some of it before the event is end!


=Zenith= also release a new set of Summer Gacha at KUSTOM 9, featuring on the left. Color changing option is available for the RARE so you can play with the color mix you like for the shirt, tee and jeans.

I made the left and mid pose by myself using Anypose HUD, while on the right we have FOXCITY. Stair (Sitting) 6 available at The Chapter Four this month.


Trees: +Half-Deer+ Starbreeze Palm Tree
Car: REIGN.– Summer Roadtrip Droptop ✪NEW✪@Collabor 88 July
Mailbox: Vagabond – Farmhouse Mailbox @The Project Se7en June


On left <

Hair: #taketomiWEST – Esha ✪NEW✪@Designer Drive
Skin: VCO ~ May Skin
Mesh Head: Catwa Lona
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Junji @The Project Se7en June
Eyebag appleir: [Knot&co.] Beth_Eyebags @Knot&co. July 1
Outfit: =Zenith=Hot Hot Summer Outfit ✪NEW✪@KUSTOM 9 July

Mid  o|o

Hair: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you-Hair ✪NEW✪@Okinawa Summer Festival 2017
Skin: [ MUDSKIN ] Rose #RARE ✪NEW✪@Okinawa Summer Festival 2017
Mesh Head: Catwa Tala
Earrings: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you-Earring3-1&2 ✪NEW✪@Okinawa Summer Festival 2017
Jacket: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you-B RARE ✪NEW✪@Okinawa Summer Festival 2017
Top: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you-Swimsuit top3 ✪NEW✪@Okinawa Summer Festival 2017
Undie: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you-Swimsuit bottom1 ✪NEW✪@Okinawa Summer Festival 2017
Dress: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you-Skirt1 ✪NEW✪@Okinawa Summer Festival 2017

Right >

Hair: [DUE] Bella ✪NEW✪@The Seasons Story July
Skin: Glam Affair – Rina
Mesh Head: Catwa Catya
Blush: :: MOMOCHUU :: GUMI blusher Hud C ✪NEW✪@The Epiphany July
Lipstick: :: MOMOCHUU :: GUMI Lips A ✪NEW✪@The Epiphany July
Outfit: SPIRIT – Tempi dress ✪NEW✪@KUSTOM 9 July
Shoes: REIGN – Cali Flip Flops ✪NEW✪@Collabor 88 July
Body Tattoo: :: MOMOCHUU :: GUMI dear Tattoo Blusher – RARE ✪NEW✪@The Epiphany July

Thank you!


Se7en +498

We need some dark to balance the pastel (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ My friend Miwa releases the lovely gacha set Bunny With Me at The Crystal Heart Festival this year. One of the rare has the little bunny pushie! Although the fake hands are a bit big lol, the whole design in general is really adorable. Of course, the pastel color option is cute, but gothic combination is not bad at all! (✿☉。☉)


The animated photo booth is by FOXCITY. call The Beginning. You can toggle down the background (leave the trees) and use the windlight setting you want. But here I just keep the whole thing as I found it fits the mood I want to create! You can find this photo booth at The Crystal Heart Festival!

I also used-
Umbrella: !dM VictorianGothic – Lolita’s Midnight Parasol **RARE**
Petals: . Infinity . old pose set props


On left <

Hair: [DUE] Yuri ✪NEW✪@The Seasons Story July
Headpiece + Chest flower: Bauhaus Movement – Susanne Chest and Headpiece @The Project Se7en June
Skin: more more. nari skin RARE2 ✪NEW✪@The Seasons Story July
Mesh Head: Catwa Tala
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Crystal Kitty~ Lavi RARE @The Crystal Heart Festival 2017
Tears: ::Axix:: Princess Tears
Eyebrows: Wednesday[+] ~ Korean Me Up ~ B&W Brows @The Project Se7en June
Lipstick: kotte – glossy lipsticks
Choker:  miwa’s airship – Bunny with me Choker @The Crystal Heart Festival 2017
Outfit: miwa’s airship – Bunny with me RARE #1 @The Crystal Heart Festival 2017
Shoes: :: MOMOCHUU :: Cute Luna Black starking – Black B @The Crystal Heart Festival 2017

On right >

Hair: #taketomiWEST – Priyanka ✪NEW✪@Designer Drive
Headpiece + Leg flower: Bauhaus Movement – Susanne Chest and Headpiece @The Project Se7en June
Skin: VCO ~ May Skin✪NEW✪
Mesh Head: Catwa Lona
Eyes: VCO Mesh Closed Eyes
Tears: ::Axix:: Princess Tears
Eyebrows: Wednesday[+] ~ Korean Me Up ~ B&W Brows ✪NEW✪
Lipstick: Wednesday[+] ~ Korean Me Up ~ MatteLips 3 ✪NEW✪
Choker: miwa’s airship – Bunny with me Choker @The Crystal Heart Festival 2017
Outfit: miwa’s airship – Bunny with me RARE #2 @The Crystal Heart Festival 2017
Shoes: VCO ~ U & I Knee socks

I hope you like the dark side of me too!


Se7en +497

Finally, I’ve been catching up some deadlines and now I’ve got some time to go over some side-blog! I did this pic quite awhile with my new friend BOMI! Thanks for this cutie inviting me to have photo shoot! As Okinawa Festival opens, Japanese style is out of rages! I see so many people wearing school girls uniform and kimono. KAWAII NE! (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。 If you haven’t head to there yet, please make your way! Their summer festival will overwhelm you with amazing Japanese culture!!



Me on left <

Hair: [DUE] Berry V3@Hair Fair 2017
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Junji @The Project Se7en June
Skin: Glam Affair – Tessa ✪NEW✪@Collabor 88 July
Mesh Head: Catwa Catya
Makeup: Wednesday[+] ~ Korean Me Up @The Project Se7en June
Outfit: Hazy. Natsumi Look ✪NEW✪@Okinawa Summer Festival 2017
Geta: [CX] Wrapped Himo Geta
Legs Tattoo: kotte – bloom tattoo – white ✪NEW✪@The Seasons Story July

Bomi on right >

Check her blog!


Photo taken at Fort Stypian


Se7en +496


Hair: *barberyumyum*T02 w/bangs61F
Headband: sue cream. lovely band gacha Headband 8
Skin: VCO ~ May Skin
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Junji @The Project Se7en June
Eyebag: [Knot&co.] Beth_Eyebags @Knot&co. July 1
Face decor: Wednesday[+] Korean Me Up ~ Stickers RARE @The Project Se7en June
Earrings: Ec.cloth – Flamingo Earrings✪NEW✪@Designer Drive
Top: {le fil casse} Elisse Top ✪NEW✪@The Liaison Collaborative July
Pants: =Zenith=SUmmer Short Jeans with Belt✪NEW✪@@Collabor 88 July


Shoes: [BREATHE]-Saya Flats
Toe nails: SALLIE – The Boho Princess – Bijou✪NEW✪@Knot&co. July 8


+Half-Deer+ Starbreeze Palm Tree – Short Straight – Natural
+Half-Deer+ Mini Piggy Collection
[we’re CLOSED] party lights LL

✪PREVIEW✪@The Epiphany July

DISORDERLY. / Stay Gold Summer / Goldfish Bubble
DISORDERLY. / Stay Gold Summer / Popsicle/ Red
DISORDERLY. / Stay Gold Summer / Summer Drink / Yellow
DISORDERLY. / Stay Gold Summer / Summer Drink / Blue
DISORDERLY. / Stay Gold Summer / Floatie / Yellow
DISORDERLY. / Stay Gold Summer / Floatie / Clear

✪NEW✪@The Home Show

[ keke ] beach rubble . seashells
[ keke ] beach rubble . starfish

✪NEW✪@Okinawa Summer Festival 2017

*NAMINOKE*Star Shaved Ice-KakiGoori BlueHawaii
*N*Star Shaved Ice-KakiGoori Sui
*N*Amedama Shaved Ice (eat with spoon) Peach
*N*Amedama Shaved Ice (eat with spoon) Melon

@Summerfest 2017

<:*BoOgErS*:> Baby Deck Chair Seaweed
<:*BoOgErS*:> Baby Deck Chair Ariel
<:*BoOgErS*:> Ice Cream Sand Bucket Yellow
<:*BoOgErS*:> Ice Cream Sand Cone Pink
[-BLUE SKY-] Wall Surfboard – Turtles

I hope you enjoy ❤ TYVM!