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I am still in the magic moment. *-* =Zenith= releases the sweetest outfit ever in Collabor 88, named lolita Valentine’s dress. It comes with two versions, with 4 colors. The head piece is so cute too! I would love to wear this and go hang out with my animal friends. \o/ [BREATHE] releases new Sasha Flats at The Chapter Four. You know what, they are just amazing. I mean they are perfect fit with all those princess dresses lol. Both events are now free of crowd. Be sure to visit them before they close 😉


Suggesting you to visit Enchantment and Fantasy Gacha Carnival. *Disclaimer: I am not the blogger of them* But for real, there are many good stuff I picked up earlier! There are many good designers and creators who just constantly made me feel like OMG *0*


On me:

Hair: VCO – HAIR 01 ❋NEW
Mesh Head: VCO Milli Head [ Dimple ] RARE


-Garden- by anc “silence” spider lily
-Garden- by anc “harugasumi” SAKURAtree
TLG – Cinderella Birdcage Music Box ❋NEW❋@Enchantment Feb
TLG – Cinderella Strawberry Champagne ❋NEW❋@Enchantment Feb
TLG – Cinderella Flowers from a Prince ❋NEW❋@Enchantment Feb
Jian :: Red Fox (Static – Standing L)
JIAN :: Bunny (Static – Mama & Babies)
JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Look L)
{anc} remind you. globe ride {pure} 9Li RARE ❋NEW❋@Fantasy Gacha Carnival Feb

Happy Magical Day!



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