Se7en +447

Don’t stop the spring look!



miwa’s airship# Greenhouse RARE ❋NEW❋@The Seasons Story Apr
{YD}Spring Sunflowers – Jug Sunflowers* ❋NEW❋@The Seasons Story Apr
{YD}Spring Sunflowers –  Sunflowers Bucket* ❋NEW❋@The Seasons Story Apr
[ keke ] wild crocus


Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Sienna hair w/ add-on and flower headband ❋PREVIEW❋@The Epiphany Apr 15th
Skin Applier: more more. bomi skin_9 ❋NEW❋@The Seasons Story Apr
Blush Applier: :: MOMOCHUU :: Bunny blusher ❋NEW❋@The Project Se7en Mar
Dress: ::C’est la vie !:: Delia dress ❋NEW❋@The Seasons Story Apr
Shoes: Essenz – Cancun ❋NEW❋@The Seasons Story Apr


Hair: [^.^ Ayashi ^.^] Catty Hair ❋NEW❋@The Project Se7en Mar
Hat: Hazy. Piyo Piyo look hat. Yellow ❋NEW❋@The Seasons Story Apr
Top: M.I.X.*Glitter style -Off-shouder- ❋NEW❋@The Project Se7en Mar
Skirt: [Cubic Cherry] {Rufly} skirt ❋NEW❋@The Project Se7en Mar
Shoes: [BREATHE]-Vivien Heels ❋NEW❋@The Chapter Four Apr


I ❤ Spring! How about you?



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