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Isn’t it the best time to go for a trip with your friends? But first you gotta pick a place, and gear yourself up with the best outfit! Some events are your summer-must-go-places btw.

Summerfest 17′ just opened yesterday with that hot sunshine and clear sea water around. You can find a lot of great stuff from around a hundred designers. For instance, me on left is wearing Sweet Thing. Ava Crop. It comes with tons of colors and you have option to turn off the lines on upper and bottom part.

Another must-go-event is, of course, The Project Se7en! Opened on the same day as Summerfest, you can find around 70 designers with their awesome designs. On of my favourite store is :: MOMOCHUU ::. Her make-ups are always be my everyday-use! We both are wearing the Miku lipstick and Mika blusher! ::C’est la vie !::, also one of my favourite, released Zora Bag. 3 base colors to pic and the brownish is my choice.

Last but not least, would be the Knot & Co.! New arrivals will be updated on every Saturday, which means, there are new goodies in coming today! Me on left is wearing [Knot&co.] Beth Eyebags and Haru Eyebrows collection. Check out more and find the one that make you look kawaii ❤


On Left <

Hair: tram G0519 ✪NEW✪@Hair Fair 2017
Mesh Head: Catwa Lola
Skin: Glam Affair – Alura
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Junji~ ✪NEW✪@The Project Se7en June
Brows: [Knot&co.] Eyebrows_Haru ✪NEW✪@Knot&co. July 1
Eyebag: [Knot&co.] Beth_Eyebags ✪NEW✪@Knot&co. July 1
Blush: :: MOMOCHUU :: Mika Blusher ✪NEW✪@The Project Se7en June
Lips: :: MOMOCHUU :: Miku LIPS ✪NEW✪@The Project Se7en June
Body tattoo: :: MOMOCHUU :: Sweet sea Tattoo Body blusher @Knot&co. June
Top: Sweet Thing. Ava Crop ✪NEW✪@Summerfest 2017
Pants with Jacket: =Zenith=short jeans w/ waist tied shirt ✪NEW✪@~uber~ June
Shoes: [BREATHE]-Ayumi Heels ✪NEW✪@The Project Se7en June
Bag: ::C’est la vie !:: Zora Bag ✪NEW✪@The Project Se7en June
Ice cream: e.marie // Snowcone Snack! ✪NEW✪@Knot&co. July 1

On Right >

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Seashore ✪NEW✪@Summerfest 2017
Mesh Head: Catwa Tala
Skin: Glam Affair – Zora
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Junji~ ✪NEW✪@The Project Se7en June
Lips: :: MOMOCHUU :: Miku LIPS ✪NEW✪@The Project Se7en June
Body tattoo: Stardust – Le ✪NEW✪@Summerfest 2017
Outfit: =Zenith=Summer beach wear @N21 June
Shoes: Essenz – Albany
Camera: .random.Matter. – Around The World – Camera


Pose (left): {PINGPONG} Mia Bento poses  ✪NEW✪@The Project Se7en June
Pose (right): FOXCITY. Effortless V1 @Tres Chic June


Backdrop: taikou / quiet afternoon backdrop @KUSTOM 9 June
Hanging plants:
Can’t Even – Octopus Air Plant (Orange) ✪NEW✪@Summerfest 2017
Can’t Even – Squid Air Plant (Blue)
Can’t Even – Octopus Air Plant (Teal)
Can’t Even – Squid Air Plant (Yellow)
Bicycle: Toro. Racer Bicycle {Midnight}
Blue box: [Toiz] blue plastic box
Red boxes: Toro. Crate chair {Red}
Plastic Chair: Soy + Toro. Plastic Chair
Fan: Serenity Style- Vintage Fan Brown ✪NEW✪@The Project Se7en June
Luggage: random.Matter. – Around The World – Luggage [PG] RARE
Plant on floor: BIGBULLY Freja Low Planter – Multi-color Exclusive
Cart: .random.Matter. – Fiesta Time! – Taco Cart
Surf board:
[-BLUE SKY-] Surfboard Chalkboard – Work Hard Surf Harder  ✪NEW✪@Summerfest 2017
[-BLUE SKY-] Wall Surfboard – Mandala Decor  ✪NEW✪@Summerfest 2017

Hope you have a nice trip!



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