SUMMER is the height of being ALIVE

Having fun with these three beautiful girls playing at my pool today! What is better than soak yourself in water in such a hot hot summer? Special thanks to Kidman, Dora and Emelia!

I have made a new racoon friend today. She is so cute with her pink little bikini. This is HEXtraordinary Summer Fun Trash Panda. You can adopt one from the Arcade! It is an animesh pet, with lots of animation options! It is the best summer companion ever!

I am featuring the latest group gift 🎁 from Blueberry – Splash Bikini. The Splish Splash collection has two verions. And both look cute and sexy! Parts can be colored differently – have fun customizing your own! Stay tuned with Blueberry group as they releases special offer and group gift very often! Link can be found at Blueberry !

I was also trying to experiment some make up set on my Lelutka EvoX. And for summer, it is time to put on the brightest color! On my faces, there are –

Eyeshadow: A.D.D.Andel! Neon Speck Eyeshadow °˖✧◝ 🔥 ◜✧˖°@ Planet 29 May
Cheek: Gloom.My Contour Kit – 1 Step: Bronzer Medium / 2 Step: Nose Fair / 6 Step: Freckles °˖✧◝ 🔥 ◜✧˖°@ Planet 29 May
Lipsticks: {Nyaru} – Yuqi Lipstick °˖✧◝ 🔥 ◜✧˖°@ Planet 29 May

I don’t know for sure but I found that Lelutka Evo appliers work on Evo X head, however, the out come may not be as perfect as you think. Both my eyeshadow and contour kit were made for Evo X, but the lipstick wasn’t. The color is slightly off my lips (not easily to be seen on pic) I suggest you to make sure it fits your head before purchasing, try demo if available, and read all the fine prints on AD. Usually it is stated very clear. I’m sure it must be a headache for the creators to create lots of appliers or tattoo layers for different heads. I always thanks for your hard work!

Hair: KUNI – Alice
Hat: =Zenith=Summer Rattan Hat with Flower °˖✧◝ 🎁 ◜✧˖°
Bikini: Blueberry Splash Bikini
Necklace: (Yummy) Layered Rose Necklace
Body tattoo: pecheresse. lucca tattoo pt1 / pt3b / pt5 / pt8a °˖✧◝ 🔥 ◜✧˖°@ Planet 29 May

Decor –

VCO ~ Bear Bubble °˖✧◝ 🆕 ◜✧˖° School Day June
+Half-Deer+ Heart Swimming Pool
+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Float
+Half-Deer+ Great Glowing Ball of Light
+Half-Deer+ Basic Rectangle Rug
[Fetch] Summer Treats – The Bucket – RARE °˖✧◝ 🔥 ◜✧˖° Arcade June
[Fetch] Summer Treats – Orange Daisy Bottle °˖✧◝ 🔥 ◜✧˖° Arcade June
[Fetch] Summer Treats – Raspberry Soda °˖✧◝ 🔥 ◜✧˖° Arcade June
Junk Food Bologna Sandwich Platter °˖✧◝ 🔥 ◜✧˖° Arcade June
kottemeal deal – chicky bun burger °˖✧◝ 🆕 ◜✧˖° Access June
kottemeal deal – drink °˖✧◝ 🆕 ◜✧˖° Access June
DISORDERLY. / Raspberry Summer / Lemon Tart Plate ˖✧◝ 🆕 ◜✧˖° Food Court June
DISORDERLY. / Raspberry Summer / Raspberry Cupcakes Stand ˖✧◝ 🆕 ◜✧˖° Food Court June

Don’t forget to check out my friends’ version and their credits on their Flickr/blog soon!

Kidman | Dora | Emelia

*splash you water and run away*