Flaunt every shade of yourself just like crystal

Slowly getting back to the usual schedule here. Still a lot to catch up and I have lots of ideas growing in my head. Well, sometimes I think taking a break from SL once awhile is healthier; although I have been complaining I have lost the ability of blogging after being away for too long lol.

It is such an honor to be picked and be one of K&S blogger this term. I have tried to avoid applying for backdrops/poses stores’ blogger in past years, because I find myself always blurring the background, and I love to make my own poses for higher flexibility. However, K&S has so many backdrop creations that I really want to play with, as well as cool and handy poses to create story-telling scene. I am so looking forward to presenting you K&S items in my today and future blog posts.

Scene –

K&SLast Fantasy white flags
+Half-Deer+ Dreamsugar Crystal
+Half-Deer+ Chaise Longue
DISORDERLY. / Crystal Collection / Crystal Display Case
DISORDERLY. / Crystal Collection / Crystal Scale
DISORDERLY. / Crystal Collection / Crystal Terrariums
-Garden- by anc “end of universe” rose

<-> swipe for close up!

Hair: FoxyInsomnia °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@Salem 2022
Headpiece: Sweet Thing. Crystalline Moon Tiara: B
Necklakce: Sweet Thing. Crystalline Necklace
Eyeshadow: -BL- Splice Eyeshadow
Eyes: MAOEREYES V4 ✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Harajuku Sep
Lips: MAOERLIPS A2 ✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Harajuku Sep
Top: {le fil casse} Macie Dress
Skirt: TETRAAnniversary skirt

Hair: bonbon – tame hair
Headpiece: kottehellebore crown
Eyeshadow: keikumu slick eyeshadows (silver) °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖° The Warehouse Sale Sep
Eyes: {S0NG} Radar Eyes °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖° The Warehouse Sale Sep
Lipstick: MUDSKINTSUKI LIPS °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖°@Kustom 9 Sep
Earring: Random MatterMakai Earrings
Chest tattoo: StardustCecily
Dress: ISONluela pearla dress
Sleeves: Insomnia Angel . Big Puff Sleeves
Leg belt: kotteella garter w/ MAZE.mods – Soft Thigh
Nails: dewyPLUSH // Angelic Nails °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖° The Warehouse Sale Sep

Looks like I leaning towards purple-ish tone these days? Hope you like our looks today ❤