too GLAM to give a DAMN

Sorry for disappearing for awhile (again)! My back pain has came back and couldn’t sit for long T_T But the sale & gifting season is on its way and I can’t stop myself from hopping on and see what is going in the grid!

The Warehouse Sale is opening today. Of course there are many great artists with lots of lovely items – on me there is a pair of fluffy ears, runa ears by nyaru, Fria Eyes by {S0NG}, rouge eyeshadows by keikumu, and *Rainbow Sundae* Ophelia Garters. You may try these all out at TWS venue. Some creators provides exclusive sales during event period. Let’s check out the catalog while you getting your luck to tp in!

Also introducing my new pet to you – ~MR~Stingrabbit is a very clingy magic bunny. She loves sticking around whatever I am doing, of course when I am blogging! This pet was originally sold as gacha items, you may now adopt one at Moon Rabbit!

Hair: DOUX – Jess
Eyes: {S0NG} Fria °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖° The Warehouse Sale Nov
Eye shadow: keikumurouge eyeshadows °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖° The Warehouse Sale Nov
Skin: MUDSKINSawako °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖° Anthem Nov
Headband: :uzu: heart gem hairband °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖° Equal 10 Nov
Ears: nyaruruna ears °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖° The Warehouse Sale Nov
Dress: CryBunBun Little Mushka Dress
Pasties: MIWAS + Band-aid Pasties
Panties: TETRA – Purity Panties (Thong)
Garter: *Rainbow Sundae* Ophelia Garters
Body: eBody Reborn w/ MAZE.mods – Soft Thigh

Scene –

Random Matter Moonchild Set – Chair ✨Updated
Random MatterMoonchild Set – Foot Stool ✨Updated
+Half-Deer+ Flower Lamp – Lily of the Valley
+Half-Deer+ Flower Lamp – Tulip
+Half-Deer+ Luxury Collection °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖° Collabor 88 Nov
FOXCITY. Photo Booth – The Pamper Room
dust bunny . violet vanity

Have a good night everyone ❤