Set yourself free from everything that isn’t good for your inner peace.

I have found this lovely corner in the heaven. Enjoying the twilight moment is just amazing! Sometimes I just want to be alone and be quiet. It’s important to listen to your soul without any distraction.

<-> Swipe for close up!

The gazebo is just perfect with curtain, lights and candles up, that set a very relaxing mood! If you want to build your own little heaven-like corner, check out K&S – // Secret of Desert at Kustom 9. The collection comes with giant sky backdrop, with the options of morning scene or night scene. For the purpose of my photo, I have edit the sky, as well as removing the desert sand layers. It is mod-ok and I think it is convenient!

K&S – // Secret of Desert. MORNING. Backdrop °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖° Kustom 9 Feb
StardustAqua Grass
.: Runic :. Galaxy Hearts
DISORDERLY. / Sweet Rustic / Cage / Pink °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖° Collabor 88 Feb
DISORDERLY. / Delicate Blooms / Books / Pink

It seems like it is a trend of female appeals becoming more sexier, almost to the lewd way? Or is it just among the events I visit and the people on social who I follow? Not complaining here tho! Just that I am starting to wonder is that the only thing that could sell nowadays? I love MIWAS + Aria Dress that has been released at Equal 10 this round. The design and options on HUD allows highly customizable. One thing that bugs me is fully exposed chest… if it could just.. just.. just slightly cover the nipples would be greatly appreciated lol It was quite a headache moment to look for proper pasties that fit the outfit. Glad that I remember I have the set from Sweet Thing. Nature’s Crown! It includes adornments allow user to fit piece by piece on body, to whatever shape, size, position you prefer. Turns out I become a lovely fantasy creature!

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Aleria hair °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖° Equal 10 Feb
Ears: Sweet Thing. Nara Ears
Horns: Sweet Thing. Nature’s Crown w/ Adornments on body
Outfit: MIWAS + Aria Dress °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖° Equal 10 Feb
Tattoos: StardustLea & Aislinn

I hope you like my look for today as much as I do!