Blossom by Blossom. Spring Begins.

This weekend we started to get ready for the spring. We were busy at our yard and gathering different greens and flowers. I love spring. It means new life, new beginning. To start fresh, I feel like wearing everything in yellow!

I am playing around with the fresh plants I got from kotte and new vases by BIGBULLY at KUSTOM 9. These are the spring and summer essential. The collection of kotte plants included different types of plants, in bundle version or single type version. Holdable, wearable, rezzable. Perfect for daily use and photographer-friendly! BIGBULLY Farley Vases also includes different type of vases in multiple colors in the collection. The simplicity brings the colorful plants even more pop. Check them out ant KUSTOM 9 this round!

<-> swipe for full shot!

Decor –

NOMAD // Bohemian Cottage
+Half-Deer+ Forest Sonata
+Half-Deer+ Sakura Branch °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖° Anthem Mar
Nutmeg. Summer Balcony
BROKEN ARROWS – Tiana °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖° Equal 10 Mar
BIGBULLY Farley Vases °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖° Kustom 9 Mar
kotte – plant – plant bundle °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖° Kustom 9 Mar

Hair: tram L0408
Hair piece: *LODE* Head Accessory – Julia
Earrings: ” BADa “ Double Heart B Earrings °˖✧◝🎉◜✧˖° 7DaysSALE Mar 17-24
Chest flowers: ~MR~Spring Mood~plaster
Top: ISONmelissa puff sleeve °˖✧◝🎉◜✧˖° The Saturday Sale Mar 18
Skirt: MIWAS / Angelica Skirt
Garter: CryBunBun Rosey Baby Garters
Shoes: dust bunny & con . wildflower sneakers

Hair: FoxyYuna °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖° Kustom 9 Mar
Earrings: kottesweetie earrings 2 – strawberry stick
Top: {HIME*DREAM} Hana Top °˖✧◝🔥◜✧˖° Equal 10 Mar
Shorts: =Zenith=Dior Shorts
Garter: kotte sunny garter – lemon
Socks: Sweet Thing. Lolita Ankle Cuffs & Socks
Shoes: Semller Platform Oxford Brits
Drinks: KREAMY. coffee with rose : ice °˖✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Harajuku Mar

Hope you like our looks today and thanks for your support!