sometimes, you need to let things go../

too many things to deal with and flooded over my head. rarely can take a break these days. and when I can relax a bit today, my firestorm isn’t working (it has been about a month, but I thought I fixed it last week, and it poop again..), and nothing runs smooth at all!

Anyways, this scene turns out so great that I love it so much.

<-> swipe for close up

Hair: FoxyChai.
Earrings: NyokoMi-Cha Rigged Earring ✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Harajuku Apr
Necklace: NyokoMi-Cha Heart Choker / Long Chain Necklace / Pin Chain Necklace ✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Harajuku Apr
Outfit: AMITOMO – Mystique Dress ✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Harajuku Apr
Cardigan: AMITOMO – Mystique – Cardigan ✧◝🆕◜✧˖°@Harajuku Apr
Shoes: Semller Skater SlipsUpdated

Balloon: Ariskea[Pantone] Pastel Balloon Decor
Flower on hand: Ariskea[Delivery] Flowers Bouquet (thank you sisya gifting this 🥰)

As Harajuku opens yesterday, brought to you we have a few latest releases from Nyoko and AMITOMO. Harajuku is not a giant scale mainstream event but you can always find goodies from stores you have seldom seen (of course there are also many famous brands!).

AMITOMO has been one of my must-buy stores at events a few years ago when I first started to become a blogger. When gacha is still a thing in the grid, it is very economic to collect just an outfit from each of its collections to create blogposts. I think I haven’t been checking out her releases for quite awhile. When I saw the AD for the Mystique Dress and Cardigan, I wanna give it a try. I always collect all kinds of cardigan, especially the off-shoulder ones. I did try demo, and know that the cardigan has a pose comes with it. It is an unrigged cardigan with resizer. So I assume I could rez on ground and I can create my own pose to fit with my scene if necessary. Unfortunately, this set disappointed me very much. Not only it has a priority 6 fixed pose, anti-rez script is also included as a surprise! Even when I am on my Anypose stand, I could not re-pose my chest, arms and hands. Couldn’t even rez it on ground to get rid of the pose. If you are just wearing it as a casual outfit, it is a cute set to be honest. But this is NOT a photographer-friendly outfit which you can’t customize it at all. This is just the grumpy me, my own thoughts.

Well, I guess it’s time for me to head to bed. Busy season seems to slow down a bit. Hope I could fix my dumb viewer and enjoy creating pictures again pretty soon!